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Question 1. How did the U.S get involved in world war one?

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The U.S was initially not involved in the world war. The country had been a significant trading partner with the countries involved in the world war especially Britain and France. The Germans were not pleased and felt their enemies were getting stronger because of supplies from the US. Thus, they embarked on a mission to stop the US from supplying goods but, instead, they ended up pulling the US into the war. This was in 1917 when the US officially joined World War I. The first trigger was when the Germans sank the Lusitania killing 1195 people. The ship was going from New York and headed for Britain carrying supplies. Another reason would be because the US had invested heavily in Britain and France; hence, their economy would collapse if the two countries were to lose in the war. These investments were in the form of loans and supplies on credit. There was also a lot of propaganda influencing the country’s decisions where the US wanted to get established as a world power. Among all these reasons, the one that “broke the camel’s back” is the Zimmerman telegram which revealed Germany’s plot to partner with Mexico and to financially support Mexico to fight on the home front.

Question 2.  How did American society mobilize? Describe /involved in it.

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The Americans were the key suppliers of arms and loans to the British and French forces. However, as a result of the war, America lost Mexico because the Germans were supporting it to defy the US authority. In addition, the American people did not want the US to go back into Mexico; therefore, President Wilson had to take action.  In his address to the Congress, Wilson stated that he wanted to join the war to make democracy possible in the world. The American society thus supported this move, especially since the sinking of the Lusitania had changed the world’s opinion of Germany. Hence, the people supported the war believing that it was for a moral course since Germany was perceived as evil. Americans were mobilized for the war, and as a result, the War Revenue Act was passed by the Congress. Also, in order to get backing from the American diverse society, the government began to encourage people to purchase government bonds. This, in turn, would get the government revenue that they required to join the war.

Question 3. How did world war one affect civilians and civil liberties?

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The war resulted in the civilians becoming military targets. In addition, since most of the able bodied people had joined the war, there was a shortage of produce and food stuff had to be rationed especially in 1918, a year after America joined the war. The living standards of the people were terrible, and many lives were lost as a result. Women were left to fend for their young children changing the role of women in the society forever. In addition, women were forced to join the war to defend their families in 1917 when there was a German blockade. Finally, the war resulted in more people getting educated and enlightened so that they could fend for themselves as well as understand the impact of government decision on their lives. The war also affected civil liberties in that the Germans were cast as the evil force of the war. In addition, espionage and sedition acts were put in place. For example, disloyal people were subjected to arrests and convictions while the government passed loosely worded laws that created loopholes allowing the government to prosecute those accused of criticizing the war.  Lastly, all radicals were persecuted in order to suppress them.

Question 4. Describe how President Wilson planed to bring peace to Europe?


Wilson wanted the League of Nations to adopt his Fourteen Points. According to him, his 14 points would put an end to the wars hence equitable peace would be attained by all nations. However, a lot of his suggestions clashed with the secret treaties and territorial rearrangements three European powers had already made. In addition, other European leaders considered him naive with a superior attitude.

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