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The meeting between Turbine Energy International, South Korean and Greek firms will have a higher chance of being successful if Protocol Guidelines are followed and maintained to the letter. Turbine Energy representatives should be subjected to protocol guidance to enable them interact with the foreign guests effectively.

Mode of dressing is a vital protocol guideline. In professional business settings, Greek men dress in a dark or a medium colored suits, shirts and ties. Greek women put on dresses and blouses or classic and stylish business suits in subtle colors. Most women will have make-ups, heels. Accessories and revealing clothing are acceptable if not exaggerated. South Korean men wear conservative dark colored suits with conservative ties and white shirts. Women put on dresses and blouses or conservative business suits. Sleeveless attires, miniskirts and tight fittings should be avoided.

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Proper Greek table manners require the knife to be held in the right hand and the fork in the left hand. The most appropriate toast when drinking is “to your health” which in Greek language is "stinygiasou." Greeks share food and place napkin next to the plate after the meal is over. The chef is appreciated and the wine glass should be left at least half full when one needs no more wine. Greeks should wait till they are told where to sit, they should wait for the host to start eating before they do and they should always keep their hands above the table. Proper South Korean table manners dictate that South Koreans should wait to be shown where to sit. They should wait for the elderly to start eating or at least pick up their utensils. Chopsticks are used for most foods but spoons are used for rice and watery dishes, both should never be held at the same time; talking while eating should be avoided. It is advisable to eat quietly and at the pace of the others. An upright posture should be maintained, wine poured with both hands and the spoons and chopsticks replaced in their starting positions. After the meal is over, the napkin should be put back on the table loosely folded and the elderly are allowed to leave the table first. It is a sign of respect (Martin, Chaney, 2008).

Greeks’ general meeting conduct requires that one arrives on time even if it means waiting for the meeting. A small talk before getting down to business is allowed in order to establish and build on personal relationship. The host should start and end the meeting. It is acceptable to interrupt someone when speaking. Agendas are made but Greeks do not follow them closely. South Koreans’ general business conduct dictates that punctuality should be highly valued and everybody should arrive at the meeting on time. The task of beginning and guiding the conversations should be bestowed on the most senior person in the room. Business discussions are started and ended by the host after a small talk meant to establish personal relationships.

Greeks can give vigor to negotiations and can be mistaken for aggressiveness. Decisions are made from top to bottom and it takes time. South Koreans will avoid hard selling and pressure tactics during negotiations. They may get high or low depending on the situation but they are always ready to compromise. They avoid saying “no” when answering questions (Alibekova, Carro, 2007).


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