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Free «Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System» Essay Sample

Average length of stay. As far as the question of average stay in the hospital is concerned, it should be reckoned that the reduction of the length of stay helps to release the capacity in the system, including such elements as beds and staff time. Also, it is apparent that the enhancement in capacity will assist in minimizing waiting times, maximizing productivity and improving the patient experience. The problem of average length of stay can be settled by a combination of medical and managerial skills.

To sum up, it should be conceded that the decrease in the length of stay is a fairly advantageous approach.

Patient satisfaction. The question of patient satisfaction coupled with reimbursement opportunities is another important issue in the financial domain of the hospital. It should be taken into consideration that reimbursement opportunities may incite the hospital to improve the level of services and increase the rate of patient satisfaction. On the other hand, the satisfaction of patients can make a positive impact on the financial development of the hospital by means of Medicare reimbursements.



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Apart from the above, it is possible to notice that there are a large number of methods to intensify the level of patient satisfaction. Initially, the level of satisfaction may be improved by making customer services more comfortable and reachable. The hospital’s reputation depends on the customer services. Therefore, the customer services can be promoted through various activities involving both the staff and clientele. The most significant person to hire in the customer service arrangement is the manager who will be responsible for the whole personnel. Also, the level of customer services can be augmented through careful and prudent financial expenses.

In addition, some funds may be spent for the creation of online tools to personalize assistance. Besides, the customer services may be supported by such arrangements as the patient survey, free wifi, and cafeteria 24 hours a day. It should be taken into consideration that the aforesaid adjustments make undeniable influence on the level of the patient satisfaction notwithstanding their supplementary role in the healthcare. For instance, the availability of the free wifi spots in the hospital supplies patients with the opportunity to communicate with their relatives via the Internet.

Moreover, it should be affirmed that the factor of communication with family members speeds up the processes of healing and recovery. Similarly, it should be stated that the functioning of a cafeteria in the hospital makes the treatment more lively and sociable. In this case, both medical personnel and patients can break their routines and have some pleasant conversation with a cup of tea.

Readmission rates. As far as the issue of readmission rates is concerned, it might be relevant to note that the number of persons who experience unscheduled readmission to the hospital after a previous hospital stay should be taken into account when evaluating the quality of hospital care. In fact, the readmission visits are regarded as wasteful spending.

Furthermore, it might be appropriate to note that the hospital readmission rates directly affect Medicare reimbursements. The hospitals with higher than expected readmission rates for heart attack and pneumonia will gain diminished Medicare payments for all Medicare discharges according to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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There is a wide range of suggestions on how to decrease the rate of readmissions. For instance, the providers of health care services may convey to the patients the information on how to care for themselves after leaving the hospital. Also, the hospital may follow up its patients with phone calls in order to ensure that the patients pursue the prescriptions. Additionally, a primary-care doctor should arrange systematic appointments with the customers with the purpose to control all of the discharged persons.

In the final analysis, it should be generalize that a successful fusion of managerial and medical skills is the most important factor in the functioning of a hospital.


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