Free «Journalistic Values in News Coverage» Essay Sample

1. Journalistic values are supposed to bring a community together by enlightening the public about the daily news, updating people on local and global events. In my opinion, the most important values are fairness, timeliness, professional responsibility, transparency and accuracy. The top ten stories on the Fox News59 website embedded all these core values, depicting a balanced collection. Since the website was local, all the news was locally targeted, four of the ten news reports were about physical construction work and changes to local plazas and highways. Also three stories focused on education reforms and advances whereas two stories highlighted consumer warnings about prices and goods’ safety. One story was related to crime.

Focusing on the order, the stories were placed according to dates, with the most recent stories on top and did not follow any other pattern. Therefore, the most important values were time and professional responsibility. Even though people might not prefer to see negative news such as crimes, the professional duty is to provide all important news and present it on time when it is still relevant. For instance, the story about the Trafalgar woman killing her son is important to the community now because the case is still fresh and being investigated. It also lets the community remember that negative circumstances do take place in the real world and news channels are a way to warn us.

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2. The website does a balanced and satisfactory job at presenting reality in Indianapolis. During the course of an average day, the local news will involve mostly updates on previous public projects, educational activities and travel news. This is the news that is important to people as they depend on the updates to make plans such as the highway construction.

3.- A very crucial news issue that the website failed to inform about was about Ohio high school shooting which killed and wounded students on Monday. This is not only a national epidemic but it happened in the neighboring state of Ohio! I believe that the Fox News59 team showed gross journalistic negligence by not making this story their top pick as it only happened a day ago, is a seriously devastating matter and it is related to the whole country, especially parents, high school students, students, staff members, counselors and psychologists. Interestingly, the story was covered by all other websites and channels such as in Wayne, Indiana.

Another newsworthy event is concerning what the Steuben County’s Sherriff department is doing with technology, mainly use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This Indiana County is using Facebook and Twitter to provide status updates about various crimes, vehicle accidents, and school weather closings which the public is finding extremely helpful. In fact, the officers are greatly aided through Facebook as people are leaving information and tips which are helping the department catch criminals such as recently busting a drug deal. People do not have to worry about their identities being disclosed and this story should be shared by all local channels to spread the news and give other departments the idea of updating their social and technological practices. This article was found on Indiana’s News Center Now 24/7 website.


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