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Qatar Petroleum (QP) is a state-owned corporation, which is responsible for all branches of the oil and gas industry in Qatar. The main activities of the corporation and its subsidiaries and joint ventures comprise exploration, drilling and production, transportation, storage, marketing and sale of crude oil, liquefied natural gas, liquefied natural gas, gas-to-liquid, petroleum products, petrochemicals and fertilizers, and helicopter and financial services. Qatar Petroleum is committed to its part as both a concerned partner to the protection, preservation and conservation of the natural environment, ensuring that the company’s employees and the public live in a clean world.

Qatar Petroleum provides four basic management functions: planning, organizing, leadingfunction and controlling. The first function – planning – combines predicting the events of the training scenarios of how to respond them. The next one – organizing – envisages tasks needed to be done, who to do them, who reports about done work etc. Leadingfunction includes motivating employees, directing the activities, selecting the most effective communication channels, resolving conflicts. Controlling in QP is reflected in the Quality Management System where employees receive a score evaluated based on their performance.

Therefore, Qatar Petroleum provides an excellent management within its framework because of principal functions that are performed in the corporation. Qatar Petroleum tries to use effectively all objects of external and internal environment. QP is exposed to the impact of external and internal environment, especially prices of oil and gas in order to increase revenue and ultimately increase the profit and the staff movements, change of managers etc. Human resource management in QP includes getting, training, motivating, and keeping competent employees. Coordinates work of all the employees, which is organized, lead and controlled by qualified leader, ensures the prosperity of the corporation.


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