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Many prominent philosophers stated that air, water and fire are three the essential elements for human survival on this planet. I totally agree with this affirmation. Can we live without water? All of us know the answer. Water is a vital element for the environment and its presence on earth makes it unique celestial object in the universe. That is why; I decided to talk to an environmental specialist who is involved with the supply of water. I spoke to Mr. Ricky Murphy who works as a water quality specialist for the town of Cambridge.

I asked Mr. Murphy to explain what were a water quality specialist’s tasks. A water quality specialist’s work is divided into two segments. The first segment is the product, and the second segment is the distribution system. The product segment takes care of two areas: raw water and treated water. The fresh water is the water from nature that is a part of the water supply. The treated water is the water that has been filtered and disinfected at the water treatment plant. The principal task of their work is to learn how human health is affected by the water quality. To achieve this goal a water specialist work together with the chemist and chemical engineer. Their daily works include studying of activities around the water supply that might affect the human health. They explore how to control falling of pollutants into the water supply system after heavy rain-washes. The pollutants come from oil from roads, fertilizers from lawns and animal waste from the field. They also study the changes in the quality of water after it leaves the treatment plant. To be a water specialist, one needs to complete a four-year degree program in a field such as chemistry, biology, and earth science. Mr. Murphy explained to me that a water specialist needed to have good knowledge of science, good communication and critical thinking skills. He confirmed that the jobs were available in this area. He explained to me that it was the job that at the same time satisfies one’s personal needs and helps millions of people. He advised mo to consider this job if I wanted to get involved in the environmental science related activities. To my question, if he is satisfied with his job or would like to change it if he had that opportunity, he answered with confidence that he would not think to change his profession because he knew he was serving for good causes. He explained to me that out of many professions keeping the environment healthy is a noble profession.

Mr. Murphy wanted to know why I was interested in environmental science related career. I explained to him that living within a specific political and geographical region we perceive that the entire planet is the place where we live. However, it is not true. We all are a part of one integral echo system. One side of the coin is; an adverse impact on echo system far away from me, where I live, one day as well will affect me. The other side of the coin is; we cannot stop progress of the industrial revolution. Though advents of technologies like oil-refining facilities, car-manufacturing plants, refrigerator manufacturing plants etc. made people’s lives easier but caused a significant impact on the environment. I want to dedicate my professional life to activities where I can help to balance a strong echo system and keep the industrial growth alive. This observation led us into the discussion in the area of green house effect. Mr. Murphy explained in easy words that the echo system of the universe consisted of space, atmosphere, land, oceans, and the sun. Sun transmits heat and energy to the planetary system. Earth is a part of the planetary system. Heat and energy to the earth is distributed to land, oceans, atmosphere, and a part of it is transmitted back to the space. There are certain greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that hold the heat in the atmosphere to keep the planet warm. This process is well balanced by the echo system. However, advent of the industrial revolution, introduced burning of fossil fuel, carbon based fuel, wood, coal, and natural gas burning. Additional burning of fuels has increased the thermal radiation to the space. A part of the thermal radiation returns back to the lower atmosphere due to green house gasses. Additional thermal radiation caused by fuel burning is increase temperature of earth’s lower atmosphere. As a result of it, entire earth’s temperature is increasing, which is causing different environmental havoc. Green house gas issue is a significant environmental issue of the whole planet, noted by Mr. Murphy. He also cautioned me that this was a complex issue, which was heavily involved with the geopolitics of different countries. We said good-bye to each other, and I was confident that I would dedicate my life in the study of green house gas effect.


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