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The journal of nursing care quality focuses on the safety of the patients. Nurses have the responsibility of ensuring that the patients are taken care of and consultations are reacted on effectively. The use of technology has facilitated the safety of patients. Nurses could use bedside scanners to increase the speed and accuracy of scanning. This will ensure that few nurses are able to get the scans on time and act on the urgent cases. Wan, Breen, & Unruh (2010) asserts that these scanners alert the nurse in case of an emergency in the health status of the patients. In some instances, mature patients could monitor their progress using I-PADS. These could be used to inform the nurses on the health status of the patients even when they are not in range. These are safe for the patients, as they do not have the electromagnetic rays’ effect. Nurses also deal with a lot of blood. It is their duty to ensure that blood of different patients is safely and accurately stored. Transfusion should be done carefully to avoid the transmission of blood related diseases.

The environment where patients are laid should be clean and comfortable for the patients to ensure that their health standards are maintained. This includes their bedding and clothing. They should always be clean. Smeltzer, Bare, & Cheever (2009) confirm that the food prepared for the patients should be clean and balanced to improve their immunity against other diseases. Nurses should educate their patients on proper feeding methods even after they are discharged. These include bodybuilding and energy giving foods, which provide a balanced diet for the patients. Statistics prove that about 25% of the children in developed countries suffer from malnutrition. Nicol (2003) indicates that most people age quickly or get diseases because of the food they eat. For instance, high blood pressure may be caused by consuming many fats or living under pressure. These patients should be advised to take foods that have less fat and exercise regularly. They should also engage in activities that relieve stress.

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The safety of the patients can also be ensured by quick attendance by the nurses. This means that the nurses should address the issues of the patients quickly before they become worse. Statistics prove that over 40% of the patients have their illnesses worsened due to delay in treatment. McSherry & Watson (2012) confirm that this could be improved by increasing the number of nurses in hospitals and introducing technology that will reduce some of the tasks that nurses have to do.

Nurses should be equipped with the necessary skills and facilities of diagnosing diseases. If the wrong disease is diagnosed then wrong medication will also be given. Statistics prove that 5% of the patients die due to the treatment of the wrong diseases. This happens especially to patients who suffer from cancer. Kohler (2001) asserts that cancer can be controlled if it is discovered early and treated appropriately. Most patients die of cancer because the disease was not accurately treated. Nurses have the responsibility of ensuring the patients are safe from infection by other patients. Iyer (2006) affirms that some diseases are air borne. If these patients were not separated from other patients, then there would be a catastrophe in the entire hospital, as the rest of the patients will get infected. This brings in the role of nurses in ensuring that patients are well taken care of and any symptoms of a disease should be quickly detected and the necessary action should be taken.

In assessing the evidence in the article, it was difficult to determine the current statistics of the reported data. This is because, this information changes over time and the accuracy of the results cannot be ascertained since the statistics was taken from a sample. It was also difficult to assess the suitability of the technology due the radical advancement of technology and innovations being made.

In conclusion, the safety of the patients is vital for their health. Nurses should introduce bedside scanners that give timely and accurate results on the status of the patients and ensure that they are alerted in case of any emergencies. Blood transfusion and handling should be done carefully to ensure there is no mixing of patients’ blood. The environment in which patients are lying should be clean and safe for their health. This includes the food provided, their bedding and clothes. Food nutrition also enhances the safety of the patients. They should be given advise to take foods that improve their immunity and energy giving foods. By doing these, the health sector will have improved the safety standards of their patients.


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