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RTI is a framework that avails ways to deal with students having literacy problems. Research indicates that many approaches abound under RTI. On the other hand, CCSS is geared towards aligning diverse state curricular. The principles of school based education reform are considered in the alignment of the curricular.

This paper explicates major requirements of RTI and CCSS. In addition, the paper explains how districts can integrate them into one curricular in their schools.

Burton & Kappenberg (2008) indicate that RTI requires an investment on the part of the staff. This re includes people like classroom teachers, district and school administrators, and learning communities that have professionals. On the other hand, CCSS major requirements includes the fact that deep learning should be stressed and the identification of main ideas, skills, and understandings regarding each course and grade (Jailall & Glatthorn, 2008). Deep learning requires that skills and concepts within the same grade or course require application. Another requirement of CCSS is that topics should be progressed and link to other topics in other grades (Reed & Wexler, 2012).

Districts can integrate these two frameworks through ensuring the presence of sufficient expertise, which includes special education, pedagogy, and leadership. Districts can also integrate these frameworks within their curricular and schools through ensuring that teachers get seminars that allow them to cross check learning, content, and teaching. Thus, an inclusion of all teachers is necessary because it helps in factoring their opinions. Shores & Chester (2008) also assert that data driven decision making and strategic collaboration are essential as they facilitate the commitment to improvement and teaming on vertical and horizontal basis, which ensures collaborative data planning and analysis.

In conclusion, RTI and CCSS are educational frameworks in the US that aim at improving the way students perform. These frameworks can be integrated in curricula and schools through ensuring that teachers get a podium for discussing prominent issues in learning, content, and teaching.


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