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Free «Rock and Roll's Influence on Society» Essay Sample

Rock and roll is a type of music style that existed in the word since the years of 1950s and 1960s. This is a kind of music that has a unique style and rhythm that many of the people in the world, especially the youth have come to like. This is because if it’s “shaking up” nature that the youth find it magnificent. It is a kind of music that makes use of the African and American styles and rhythms and is played with a high influence of outlandish performers, amplified string instruments as the guitars, antagonistic lyrics and swift dancing styles. It came onto the commercial music industry around the periods of 1940s and 1950s in some parts of the states of America (Longhurst 60).

Rock and roll music took the interests of many who at first had the love of jazz and other kinds of music in the world. Generally, music is played to serve a number of functions and intentions as perceived by the players and the recipients of the music. It is normally done by people, who have the passion and talent for the field of music and entertainment. People would love to listen to various kinds and styles of music for various purposes as being entertained, being informed and also being relaxed in order to come out of the boring and tiresome moods and situations. It is for this reason that many people would love listening to music and hence will automatically get influenced by the kind of music and the content in them. In every society, music has been perceived as one of the tools that is use to propagate customs and beliefs of the people from one generation to another. There is no society that does not value or treasure the various kinds and styles of music that is in existence. I can say that music is in he hearts of the people either young or old in the society. It makes up people’s lives and is part of the happiness and joy that people experience. The kind of music played in the world of today is perceived to fall in a particular category and in that category; it pleases a certain group of people. This is common to rock and roll music. As it came into the world, it touched the hearts of many, hence was credited one of the loved styles of music. It had a great length of influence on the people.



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First and foremost, rock and roll music had great influence on the lifestyles, fashions, attitudes and the people’s language. There was also some influence on the political stands and styles that the people practiced and used in the society. In the late twentieth century, there was an artistically and commercial influence on rock and roll music, by other styles as country music, pop, folk gave and doo-wop. Most song writers were able to draw influence from these other styles of music, giving rock and roll a boost to virtually attract many in the society. The young were mainly established as the major market for the style of music. This was due to various factors as concerns the society and the present technology in the world (Stuessy et, al. 123-127)

The commercial advertising influenced the emergence and the establishment of the rock and roll music. The use of radio broadcasting made many to get access to the music, hence developing an art and culture of love for rock and roll music. The use of radio was affordable to many people as the machine itself was affordable and easy to be used by the people. This thus made rock and roll to spread over many people within a very short period of time. The use of radio machines and their affordability to the people also influenced the coming up of the broadcasting stations that made use of the radio. It is therefore clear that the love for rock and roll made many people to establish radio stations (Ellis 56-59). The spread of the music had influence on other electrical commodities as the recording and playing machines. There was the reduction in the prices of these commodities as many people wanted to have rock and roll music in their homes. The musicians could also use the machines during outdoor performance as in live crusades. The love for this kind of music had much influence on the market and the entertainment sectors. The businesses that mainly dealt with electronics as the player and recorder machines experienced a great boost by the emergence of rock and roll music as many wanted to expand their music to reach many people. Rock and roll is a kind of music that mainly needs professionalism and expertise among the participants. Its emergence therefore led to the urge for the musicians to be well conversant with the style and the nature of play of the music.

The society is the most influenced of all by the emergence of rock and roll. There are various issues in the society that have to be addressed and attended to by the responsible group of people. Rock musicians, for instance in the 1970s used rock and roll music to express the issues that the people were experiencing in the society. It has been a tool for communicating many ideas to particular bodies as the governments, human organizations and developmental organs that are concerned with people’s lifestyles and well being. These social issues are in two categories as commentaries of the good or pleas that need to be handled. For instance, the rock star bob Marley was able to express his revolt against the imperialism in the United States of America in his famous song “buffalo soldiers.” The music therefore has improved or enabled people to express their views and issues they are going through in life. The expression of love has been influenced by the use of rock and roll in the society. People are able to demonstrate love for one another, love for a particular happening or property and even love for the age that someone is in. many governments are getting influenced, churches transforming and people changing their lifestyles , mainly due to listening to the messages contained in some the rock and roll music (Ellis 56-59).

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Rock and roll music has had influenced on war and rivalries between people and nations in the world. This has led to the reduction of wars and quarrels between many nations. Many rock and roll musicians have been able to express their dislike of wars and fights that have been in existence among many nations and people in the world. During the period of the war in Vietnam, there was rock and roll music that went on air expressing the need for the war to come to an end. The rock and roll music was heard with its expression of peaceful coexistence among the fighting people, as in the song, “if I had a hammer.” Other musicians as John Lennon were very sentimental in their expression of anti war lyrics that filled the music industry with rock and roll type of music. They were able to do their songs in the public arenas, hence were able to get to the people and urge them to keep the spirit of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence in their daily living. It is through the art of rock and roll music that many people, nations and even continents were able to stop their plans to fight, and were able to live in peace and harmony among one another(Cooper and Haney 12-16).

Through the art of rock and roll music, many people have been able to raise a lot of money. This includes the singers, promoters and even the production industries. Like any other business, rock and roll industry has been in a verge of making money for the continuum in the art of singing and entertainment at large. Music production mainly deals with production of music that is attractive to people. This will act as an incentive for people to love and purchase the music that they want and feel, thereby expressing their wants and needs. With the emergence of rock and roll music and the impressive nature in which it emerged, the music industry and the individual singers were able to get massive gains due to the marketing of the rock and roll music and its products. This has also boosted or created a way in which funds are solicited by organizations and societies to help handle difficulties. Recently, money for charity purposes have been raised and have been used to serve various purposes as helping the people who were hit by the problem of tsunami as that organized by Linkin park in 2004. The emergence and the development of rock & roll music have had monetary influences in the society (Brown 125-129).

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The emergence of roc and roll music had influence on the cultural life of the people. Originally, there were moral lessons that one could learn by simply listening to the music. These included aspects of life as schooling, clothing, dating and technological developments as cars. Through this perspective, people were able to learn of many things that were taking place in these fields, for instance, the young and the youth were influenced to proceed with their studies as this was portrayed as the only way that a man could live a better life. Those in the colleges and universities were taught how to live ethical lifestyles in order to preserve their lives for the future development of the society and the nation as a whole. There were also other aspects of discipline among the students and teachers within a school setting. Morality was highly praised with the outcome of evil being revealed to the young in the society. The importance of going to school were highly expressed by this kind of music as every person was always urged to keep on studying. Many young and adult were influenced to the point that they were able to go to music schools and colleges so that they could acquire the skill of rock and roll. The emergence of rock and roll therefore had positive effects on the field of education and development in many societies (Bogdanov 58).

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Clothing and style of dressing was another field of life that experienced great influence by the emergence of rock and roll music. People would always love to dress in ways that will pleas them and the entire human kingdom as well. Many rock and roll musicians came to the world with a different kind of fashion in clothing that best suited the rock and roll events. Many young people fell in love with the kind of dressing that was brought by the type of music. Performers of this kind of music were always dressed in a particular way (Cooper and Haney 12-16). This also had a lot of influence on the dress making industries and businesses. Many industries were forced to manufacture the type of clothing that people who love this kind of music were always seen to fall in love with. From then, the nature and type of dressing that most of the musicians changed appeared to be skewed to the type of music that was being practiced by the individual. To make ones music marketable and be well known to the congregation, many musicians, mainly of rock and roll music were seen to blend the music with a particular dressing style.

Rock and roll music specifically arose from the hybrid of two races, that is, the whites and the blacks in the United States of America. At the period of the emergence of this style of music, there was much tension and misunderstanding among the two communities in the US. There were the movements by the civil rights activists. This led to a ruling by the Supreme Court concerning the issue of “separate but equal.” The verdict that was reached by the court was however difficult to be communicated to the people to a point that there was be an understanding of it. It was difficult to let it be enforced in parts of the US. At the moment, there was the combination of the black and white elements in the rock and roll music. This idea called for the breakdown on the separations and mistreatments that were based on color. Though the rock and roll music, the white performers were seen appropriating the support for the music, something which has been liked by many in the world. It is therefore clear that through rock and roll, there has emerged cooperation of the blacks and the whites hence has brought about racial equality and the sharing of same experiences in the society(Cooper and Haney 12-16).

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Rock and roll music has influence on the culture of the teens in various societies. Among the first baby boom generation, there is the emergence of the teen culture. This changed the identification of rock music as a sub-culture. Apart from the fact that rock and roll involved music, it also touched on the parts of cars and motorbikes and a distinctive language. This was the language that was mostly use by the people who were supporters or participants of the rock music. This was matched with the type of cars and motorbikes that were used by these people. Through the love for the rock and roll music, there developed the lifestyle that grouped together the teens in the society. Dressing styles for the teens developed with his development of the culture. As a result of this, there is a perspective that rock and roll music has had significance on the development of the teen market as most teens have developed their culture. This has finally led to the appreciation and celebration of the teen market and fashions among various societies and cultures, for instance in Carl Perkins in blue suede shoes (Cooper and Haney 12-16).

On the side of the dancing styles, there has been a gradual development in the dancing styles and designs by many musicians and the listeners. With the emergence of the rock and roll music dating back to 1950s, new dancing styles have been on emergence. This revived the jitterbug dancing style as it was in the era of the big band. Moreover, the latest dances and fashions were kept in existence by the practice of the rock and roll dances. This also led to the coming up of other styles as twist and funk among the teens in the society. This keeps on improving the music industry and entertainment of the people (Kotarba and Vannini 78-80)

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Apart from the fact that rock and roll has been used to pass information from one person to another, there are ideas in life that are hard to express to people, either young or old. Rock and roll, though criticized over these issues, has helped to convey messages concerning sexuality and drug use & abuse among the various groups of people in the society. It is normally hard for parents to discuss issues of sexuality with their children but due to the emergence of rock and roll and its nature of expressing these issues openly; the parents and other people have been forced to teach their children before they get in touch with the rock music. It is in this case that rock and roll, like any other type of music, has acted to shape the lives of the people in the society. On the side of drugs, rock and roll has influenced many youth to realize and know the effects of use of particular drugs, to ones body and the society at large. Through rock and roll, the youth have therefore become enlightened on the issues pertaining sexuality and drug use and abuse (Ellis 56-59).

Though rock and roll music has done well by positively influencing the society members, there are however misdeeds that have happened due to the emergence of the music in various societies and the world at large. First and foremost, the music is most addictive to the young in the society. Many view the style as a threat to the moralities in the society and the future generations. This kind of music is normally characterized by critical issues as sexuality and drug use & abuse. Many young people are confused by the acts of the people who are involved in the acts of rock and roll. They therefore end up in associating with and practicing acts as immorality and abuse of drugs in the society. This automatically leads to unacceptable behaviors in the society. This also leads to the spread of diseases as HIV and AIDS in the society and among the youth (Cooper and Haney 12-16)

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Drug use and abuse has been the major cause of violence in the society. Rock and roll music has been perceived to be the source of the spread of dangerous drugs as marijuana and bang among various societies. For example, one of the rock and roll stars; Bob Marley popularized the consumption of marijuana in one of the songs in his album called “smoke two joints.” This resulted to the influence and use of the drug in the universities and other institutions of learning.

The rock and roll stars are normally characterized by their particular dressing styles that are not acceptable to the generation of the young people. These include long hair, torn out clothing, conceit necklaces and earrings and styles that many people call them indecent and evil in the society. This has greatly derailed the moral standards in the society and the world at large.

In conclusion, the emergence of the rock and roll music has played a great role in the development of the society, though with a number of downfalls due to it. This kind of music has helped to shape and model the present lifestyles and living standards among the people in the society. It is a way of making money, at the same time it is used as a means of communication. On the other hand, it has acted to derail the moral laws and ethos that have been in existence in the society. Also, it has propagated the spread and overuse of prohibited drugs, and its associated features as sexual immorality and violence in most of the societies.


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