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Free «The Effects of Skateboarders on Society» Essay Sample

The problem of street skateboarding has continued to grow because of the rise in growth of skateboarding population. Many people especially our youth enjoy skating as their leisure activity, this on other hand leads to a negative impact on society. One of the major concerns of this game is accidents. There have been so many cases in many place, towns and cities where innocent children get injured while playing or even sometimes die while playing. Both in bad environments and other places not suited for this game. This may be because they lack safety places to be taught and play safely.

That’s why for example due to these rates of accidents institution or state agencies have posters restricting this game to be played. There kids who go ahead and play in this places ignoring the advert thus bringing the point to why this should be controlled. There are those who play it only because they want to learn but in wrong places. They play it anywhere thus in so many cases injuring other people accidentally. Take for example there many children who have lost their lives and not only children because they are hit by a skateboarder while performing his game. There even case places where say rules have indicated that skating is not allowed, but you will find skateboarders playing and causing accidents. This to my on opinion may be due to disrespect of rules.



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The game is played not even observing the safety rules that are involved thus a major cause for accidents, for example the play without wearing a helmet, which can be a major cause of head injuries. Then they are not trained how to fall properly for example which is also another case of accidents. All these plus other information like skating should be done at own risk is not available to the young skater.

The rate at which the skateboarders cause injuries is alarming. There are many cases of children getting injured and in some cases permanently losing there body parts. It’s a problem because they go to any place that is convenience to them without bothering the side effects of there surrounding. There those who will skate on walking paths thus accidentally hitting pedestrians.

This just like, any game not controlled will always cause havoc; every game has its own rules and regulations. In football there stadiums and referees, on roads we have traffic police name them whore there to control and ensure that rules are followed. Imagine as you walk along our way home you are hit and end up with a fracture or something worse or you are driving for that matter and accidentally hit a kid who was skating on a road. Due to the rise of the lovers of this spot as highlighted above, there is reason to agree that skating is going to be a bigger issue if no handled in appropriate way. Cases of parents going through medical bills coming from children skating have been on raise. They say prevention is better than cure, and therefore any effort to prevent this culture through appropriate means is required. Walk at most homes or hospitals and you will be shocked at the number of patients who have been in skate accident or victims who now must live there lives disabled because they either were hit unexpectedly or were at a wrong side either playing attending the game. Skateboarding is also a big problem to the skateboarders them selves

When they skate at busy place say where automotives are and though it doesn’t have to be busy. The driver is not alerted of skating taking place, so they accidentally hit into this skateboarder, and thus injures or loss of life in totality. According to a study in 1996 there were approximately 35,751 emergency room visits related to skateboard injuries out of the approximately 4.7 millions total skateboarders in the country (Smith,40).This goes to a large extent explain the need to address this issue. In calculations this means that about .761% of skateboarders visited the emergency room that year. Considering this facts and the rise of growth of people joining the skateboarders, it shows the rate of those going to emergency is going to sharply rise. Therefore making this a major concern. Creating and building right places may help curb these shocking numbers of accidents.

Skate parks can be a practical solution, where by there is a separation between the skateboarders and the society. The parks should constructed in a way that they are appealing to the skateboarders the skateboarders can be asked to identify what the see important in the parks. The size of the park should, for instance should reflect the size of the skateboarding community. The maintenance, upkeep and additions of the parks could be provided for by the shops that sells skateboard accessories and parts as this parks will in the eventual give backs once this parks are operational. Then there are those small restaurants and food stands that are near the parks that should also generate money for the parks. The parks are also going to hold major events like competitions which come with admission fees or even demonstration to visitors or society where concessions are going to be sold thus raising money repairs and other additions.

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There some cities which have large skateboarding community. Building a park in this case should not be a problem. The funds of building parks can be found by seeking help from professional skateboarders. An example of this is that of Pro skater Tony Hawk who started the Tony Hawk Foundation that provides funding to a town or city that needs financial help for building a public skate park. There many other skate boarders who may be interested to get along with sponsors to build a skate park for an area that may require one.

There are problems that might arise after building a skate park, for example there might cases of kids who don’t visit the skate park. These children should be made to leave this game if not a progressive punishment system should be put in place to deal with such cases. For example they should be issued with warning for first instances and made to know where skate packs are. If the offence is repeated there could be harsher warning which includes informing the parents of the kids. If the kid does not adhere to all these then there can be even stiffer rules that regulate punishment by fines, community service or other juvenile levels. In order to create an even better environment, the laws both state and local should incorporate.

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There are public examples of skate parks for example is the MO park at Farmington .This park is a moderately size concrete park with various elements, that include bowls,stairs,hubbas/ledges,pyramids,a rail a box and several other things that are with names that are less self explanatory names that should not take time to explain. There are obstacles that that may seem to appeal to different types of skadeboarders.But to begin with for the cases of skate shops, and cafes that are next to parks they going to make profits from which can donate to the parks for repair and the shops on the other hand provide the skaters a place to buy their parts and repair there boards. They also have a place to get nourished.

Then on the part of the rules and regulations, the park should have a sign at the entrance that should list recommendations and safety tips, the hours it should open, say for example dawn till dusk. Then the words “SKATING AT YOUR OWN RISK” should be boldly printed, these aims at alerting the sport can sometimes lead them to wrong places, I mean getting hurt .Other things like pads and helmets should be recommended but not necessarily required. A good example is the Weston skate in Weston, FL, which was build on a roller-hockey rink in the year 2002.When this was opened it required that a waiver be signed by the skaters parents, and the entrance fee was placed that ranged from 3$ to 6$.

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Then Hometown concession a contractor was to collect waivers, entrance fees, and sell of the Concessions. Then later in 2005 the admission fee was dropped, making the contractor to run their concession stand on weeknights and weekends. The drop of admission fee came with the waiver, but from a state recommendation the waivers are going to be required again. The state also requires the skaters put on pads and helmets also called Sortal.Here the state law is strong to influence such policy

Considering this example it shows how skateboarders are willing to help communities build their skate parks.

These skateboarding parks are very important even though there incidences of risk and injury, but the risk is present in all sports. As observed by the NSC (National Safety Council), skateboarding is one of healthy alternative to other sports. Just like skateboarding, other sports that were carried out in the study it was found that baseball, basketball, bike riding, football, hockey, and soccer all have a higher emergency room visit percentage than skateboarding (Smith, 40). Take for example the British are in the process to start including non-traditional sports like skateboarding and others in their school to deal with the problem of obesity this also increases the sporting activity among students. Just like it was said by Tony Blair “brand new sports” are needed to increase participation in school sports (Frean, 15).

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Those who go to play skateboarders should not be taken as “bad kids” because they are trying to destroy private property.Infact some of these kid have excelled I n their academic classes. Just like other sports Skateboarding has peoples of all walks of life pursuing different types of careers. There skateboarders in different fields including, prominent business owners, artists, musicians or even designers. Just like McKay-Randozzi “Skateboarding breeds creativity” (Harmanci, E1).There are examples including pro skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, and Steve Caballero aren’t just skateboarders Tony Hawk who owns and runs many skateboarding related businesses which produce everything from skate accessories and gear to video games and movies. This sport can a solution to boredom kids, as indicated Police Chief of Kennewick, WA, which has skate parks right beside the police station “It’s (the skate park) been a good positive outlet for young people who like to skateboard” (Chapman).This sport can prevent bad behavior instead of promoting as others think. This is a problem we cannot wish away. Due to the rise of accidents something must be done. Building skating parks can generate a positive impact to this rapid growing rate, of lovers of this sport and to the society at large. That’s instead of kids vandalizing places or trying out drugs which of cause is harmful they can be skateboarding.


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