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The murder of seventeen years old Trayvon Martin took place on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida. It shocked thousands of the Americans.

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According to the investigation George Zimmerman called the police and told about suspicious guy. The dispatcher advised not to prosecute this young man and sent to the place a police car. But Zimmerman did not follow the recommendation. He killed young man with a shot in the chest. Relatives of the dead man told later that the boy and his father were on the visit. The guy went to the nearest store to buy his younger brother something to drink. Contrary to the expectations of the family the authorities have not arrested Zimmerman. This fact provoked the series of protests in the United States.

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Now the murderer of Martin is hiding while a proceeding against him is still not opened. The party “New Black Panthers” has announced 10 thousand dollars reward to anyone who can help to find Zimmerman. The state authorities have condemned this idea. And it is clear as a day that this situation becomes aggravated with each passing hour.

Thousands of people are sure that Zimmerman is guilty. And they have a full right to think so. Let’s imagine if Trayvon could be a threat to George Zimmerman. To be objectively we can compare this two men. Trayvon’s weight was 140 pounds and his height was 6 feet and three inches. He had no weapon. This young man was totally unarmed. And his murderer, George Zimmerman is a 28 years old man. His weight is nearly 250 pounds and his height is 5 feet and nine inches. He had a gun. Despite the fact that the boy was taller than his murderer he was not a threat to Zimmerman. It is obvious that Zimmerman had no right to use weapons. For God’s sake, this man was almost two times heavier than Trayvon! The facts tell us that this young teenager was not a threat to Zimmerman. As i have said there was no need to use weapons. Zimmerman was stronger than this young boy and he could use his strength to solve the problem.

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On the other hand there is witnesses’ testimony who saw how this man was lying on the ground and Trayvon was beating him. According to the expertise this is true. It is obvious that there are many points of view in this situation. Some people really think that Zimmerman was defending himself. Contrary to this, thousands of people organized the series of protests in many cities of the United States of America. They are struggling for the truth. This people want Zimmerman to be imprisoned for killing a young boy.

In conclusion it is necessary to mention some self-defence laws of the United States. Florida’s law allows a person to use deadly violence, if there is a possibility to be harmed by other person. To my mind, the authorities should repeal this law. They should invent other ways which can solve the problem of self-defence. 

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