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In the paradox of life, wherein we tend to build more bridges or forms of communication than evocative interactions, media has been the best mode of communication that man has invented to propagate facts and fallacies. In this case of virtual integration, it is used to tell lies about the real situation of racial desegregation. The line depicts the concept that there has been great improvement with the relationships between differing races, and that the effective socialization is happening. Television has been used to disseminate a misleading notion formulated by the makers of the society who want to influence the blinded minds of most countrymen.

Television has affected the way of thinking of people. It has influenced perceptions and has greatly impacted our social way of life. People should be responsible enough to know what information shown in televisions is relevant and accurate. We cannot live on a bubble of illusion for it is simply deviating from the reality of life. What is important is the truth behind all lies. There is no point of denial for the evidence is obvious with the things happening outside our homes. Accepting the fact that there is a problem then, it is the time that we will be able to find a solution to that.

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Gender identification and racial integration are some of the sociological occurrences that are greatly affected by the emergence of television. Television has often been criticized for its stereotyping of women, but it is far from being alone in doing so. The process of identification is more complex. How does a boy come to develop one that is feminine? In part, they do so by identifying themselves with women and men in their families and neighbourhoods and in the different kinds of media. If a girl on a regular basis sees female characters on TV who work as defence attorneys or judges, she will be inclined to believe that she can acquire the profession of a judge as well. And it will not affect the girl if she knows women who are lawyers. On the contrary, if this girl regularly sees women in the media only as models, nurses, and secretaries, her identification and self-image will be rather different.

Boys usually get blue blankets while girls get pink ones. Boys are supposed to have toys like trucks, toy soldiers, blocks; girls are given kitchen goods and dolls. Boys are expected to be masculine – aggressive, active, daring, tough, and dominant – whereas girls are thought to be feminine – emotional, soft, sweet, and submissive. This is depicted in different TV shows which somehow set the standards for the society.

This largely reflects the impact of conventional gender role socialization. Gender roles were defined as expectations regarding the proper behaviour, attitudes, and activities of males and females. The application of traditional gender roles leads to many differentiations between men and women. Gender identity is one of the first and most far-reaching identities that a human being learns. Many societies have established social distinctions between the sexes which do not inevitably result from biological differences.

Existing and surviving anywhere in the globe nowadays and be in opposition to equality and impartiality because of race, gender, social class or color is like living in Saudi Arabia and being against sand.Watching television requires an audience that is capable of good judgement to understand and differentiate what information is truthful and beneficial to everyone.


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