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Terrorism exhausts the resources a nation has – time, money, and people. With this name, there is a tendency for the government to exploit the use of the term by formulating long-standing policy objectives.

September 11 bombings gave birth to the War on Terrorism spearheaded by the United States of America which intends to put an end to the international terrorism. The administration has taken several measures to make this campaign possible. The starting point of this war is Al-Qaeda and the end won’t come out until every terrorist group in all the corners of the world is eliminated. The United States of America has assumed the position of being the international police. National security is a topmost priority and should be accomplished without compromising the civil liberties of people. The whole country is under tight surveillance, and monitoring and this can heighten public fear. There is also a high possibility of erosion of liberty and justice. The civilians should be informed that there is no need to panic and that everyone can be considered a suspect but no one should be punished until proven guilty and should be provided fair trial and due process. There was no assurance that there should be no detention-without-trial, no suppression of free speech, and there should be increased checks or evaluations on police power.

The US government was unable to identify and to directly attack the enemies. Because of the strengthened paranoia of terrorist attacks, every person is considered to be a potential suspect. With the goal of ending international terrorism, civilians are also affected. To prevent civilian killings and injuries, it will be the best to pinpoint the enemy and use methods or weapons that are not mass destructive like nuclear and chemical warfare.

The end does not always justify the means. “War” against terrorism is a big mistake. Terrorism itself is already a criminal action, and the law enforcement should be the one to examine and scrutinize the terrorist given due process and impartial trial by law and then, if proven guilty, the terrorist should be imprisoned and serve the punishment. Using military force and physical attacks can endanger the lives of the innocent civilians and may subsequently give birth to more terrorists in quest of revenge for the lives of their family affected.


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