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Priests and doctors from the middle ages influenced the Western culture perception towards masturbation. The priests condemned masturbation as unnatural sin worse than rape, incest, and fornication. Referring to the biblical story of Onan in Genesis 38 who, while having intercourse, withdrew his penis on ejaculation to avoid impregnating the widow of his brother, the priests condemned masturbation as evil and ungodly. Some doctors of the time condemned masturbation as a cause of diseases such as gonorrhea, infertility, and inability to satisfy a partner during intercourse. The governments of the time also condemned masturbation as a crime and for example, in France, its penalty was death. These views shaped the attitudes of the Western culture concerning masturbation. Those individuals who practiced it ended up feeling guilty and suffered from self-condemnation.

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Because of the stigma attached to masturbation and its condemnation, those who practiced ended up with feelings of guilt and low self –esteem. They therefore could not relate well in relationship because of a feeling of inadequacy and guilt and the fact that they feel unwanted in society.

Sexual fantasies are very common among human beings. In fact every adult do fantasize about sex; the difference is in what or who to fantasize with. There is a difference between what men fantasize with and what women fantasize. Among men there is no market difference in sexual fantasizes between homosexuals and heterosexuals. In women, there is a marked difference in sexual fantasies between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Most of the sexual fantasies are about subjects that are considered forbidden since it works on the human imagination of how what has not been experienced will feel like. Therefore, fantasies are about threesomes, being dominated, orgies and so forth. Sharing fantasies with partners can be good in the sense that they may not the hidden pleasures in us and may be help in fulfilling them. However, it can create misunderstanding if the other partner feels the fantasies expressed are a taboo or offensive.

Historically, the Western culture was very conservative on sex positions because of the influence of the church. Sex was taught as meant for procreation and not pleasure and as such the most advocated for sex style was the missionary style where a man lies on top of a woman. This is because it was believed the position maximizes chances of impregnation. As cultures evolved and the role of the church diminished, more liberal sex positions came up. The Western culture has been a pacesetter on sex matters and is by far the most liberal of all cultures in the world.

Orgasm should not be faked but instead sex partners should talk about it openly to ensure each attains orgasm during a sexual encounter. The person faking orgasm will be left with unmet need which can create tension in the body and gloom emotions. If the other partner realizes that orgasm was faked he will feel cheated and inadequate.

The way the media project orgasm is misleading and ideal. Orgasm is presented as everything and something that is hard to reach, yet it is not. This creates anxiety in people about whether they will be able to bring their partners to orgasm. Anxiety only makes them unable to do so and the whole experience becomes a frustration.


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