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The beliefs and conceptions about orgasm in both male and female is popular in the society. This has, recently, been highly influenced by the media discussions on magazines or pornography materials. The truth is that not all women can have multiple orgasms Carroll, J. L. (2010). In fact, some women report that they have never had an orgasm, whether by masturbation or intercourse. However, these women are, still, satisfied with their sexual lives. Therefore the notion that a woman should orgasm when a man orgasms is a mere fallacy. Sex is, indeed, a biological fact and it is complicated by societal myths and the misconceptions displayed by the media.

The role hormones play in human sexual desire

Hormones influence the sexual desire in both male and females greatly. Testosterone is one of the main governors of libido in humans. Testosterone if found in both male and female whereby higher levels of the hormone increases sexual desire and when it falls too low, both gender loses interest in sex (Caroll, 2012, p.141). Oxytocin, a hormone released during sexual activity, contributes to a feeling of attachment or social bonding between partners during sexual activity. In females, estrogens and androgens, together, enhances sexual arousal. Therefore, hormones play a key role in sexual arousal and response in both males and females (Pastorino, 2012, p.302). The Master and Johnson’s model should have a desire phase because it is one of the most important phases of the cycle. It is what leads to full arousal. I support Master’s and Johnson’s claim that men and women’s response cycles are similar.

Penis size

There are some myths associated with males and their sexual anatomy; these frequently relate to the penis size. People assume that the larger the penis a man has, the better the satisfaction he will deliver to a woman. Some believe that a long, thick penis is stimulates the walls of the vagina more thus more pleasure (Penner, C., & Penner, J. 2003).. Some further claim that a large penis, say six inches, is adaptable to many styles and sex positions. A short or thin penis is regarded as not sexually satisfying. One of the myths associated with penis size is that a larger penis makes one more fertile, masculine, better in bed and more attractive to his partner.

These beliefs and misconceptions are not true because most of the women do not gain sexual satisfaction from penetration; most women get satisfaction from caressing and stimulation of breasts and external genital parts. According to Penner, C., & Penner, J. (2003), the size of a flaccid penis differs from a fully aroused penis. When aroused, the penis size increases and thickens while in a female the labia expands, thus the walls of the vagina contract. Therefore, a thin penis will also have firm pressure and sensation on the vagina.


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