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There is no single definition of analysis as every person has its own mindset and thinking level, hence the analysis of two persons cannot be matched with each other. Writing skills is one of the most important things and it is purely a gift from God. In order to complete an essay, research or thesis, good writing skills are needed. This is one of those skills which would be analysed from different angles.

The main perspective of this assignment relates to writing skills and the assignment comprises of four different tasks and every task has its own recognition and importance.


How to find relevant academic material

There are seven steps in total, which have been taken into account as far as developing a perfect writing is concerned. These steps are the following:

  • Identification and development of the initial topic
  • Finding relevant and background information
  • Utilising catalogs to find books and other material
  • Use of different sorts of indexes in order to find things
  • Searching and finding different resources on the Internet
  • Evaluation of  things and information
  • Proper citation is needed according to the required format
  • Research for relevant  things and material

1. Identify and develop your topic

It is more than important to identify the topic in general. In order to complete the research in an appropriate way, it is more than important to first identify the topic and then analyse it accordingly. It is very important as it is the only thing which initialises the topic as well as analysis of the result.



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2. Find background information

The stance of relevant literature is extremely important from the viewpoint of a research. Researchers have to analyse and embed the background information of different things in order to complete the research. Background information can be found easily in a wide variety of different available publications. Almost all the researches depend entirely upon the level of background information and other relevant materials.

3. Use of catalogues to find books

Connect to the Nimitz Library's Catalog. Use keyword searching (e.g., drinking) for a narrow or complex search topic. Use searching for a broad subject (e.g., health). Print or address bottomward the citation (author, title, etc.), numbers, and appropriate location (e.g., Reference). Note the circulation status. When you pull the book from the shelf, browse the bibliography and scan it for additional sources, especially book-length bibliographies and annual reviews on your subject; they list citations to hundreds of books and articles in one subject area. Check the subject subheading (Crowther D, Lancaster G, 2008):

or titles beginning with "Annual Review of..." in Innopac.

4. Use of indexes to find periodical articles

It is important to find relevant literature most specifically relevant articles for the research. There are indexes available from which this particular thing can be initiated. Researches always try to search such articles which will have a strong relationship with the research question. Periodical articles as well as indexes can be found easily on the Internet through which the researcher gets a fair idea regarding the available content over the internet.

5. Looking for Internet resources

Resources are things through which a research would be initiated and researchers use different sorts of resources which are predominantly Internet based libraries and other online resources (Crowther D, Lancaster G, 2008).

6. Evaluation of what you have found

There are numerous sections of a research report; in fact, there are a number of things and chapters on which the entire report can be based. (Crowther D, Lancaster G,2008). It is extremely important to evaluate the findings, in order to complete a research (Crowther D, Lancaster G, 2008).

7. Citation of what you have found, using a standard format

Citation is one of the most important things that come under the ambit of writing industry. There are different formats of citation like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago and every author has to cite the information according to the required writing style  (Crowther D, Lancaster G, 2008)


Work on project management on time:

Before defining the project risk management, it is pertinent to define the project management first. Basically, an action is an appointment or an assignment for an alignment on which the absolute amount of the aggregation has based on. Alignment uses the conveyance of allegory and adventure projects in approved intervals. It will increase the relative framework for computing and analysing the company`s projects. The companies use project management to increase its economical advantages. Usually multinational companies use the stance of project management to assess the level of feasibility of the projects. It is not necessary that only big and multinational companies use project management, as any company that wants to expand its network can use it (Crowther D, Lancaster G, 2008),

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The companies face different problems while evaluating the projects, like projects` re-engineering and re-financing. The administration of Bandy Administration Complex generally starts to aggregate business archetypal (or operations) as continuous and repetitive, abiding or partially-permanent. On cursory view, project attributes have to be different.

The process of work on project management comprise of scheduling, initialising, protecting, supervising and using all resources to achieve the particular objectives.

Research strategies:

The primary function of research is to invent new ideas, judging about things aggressively and then to connected all these things to build your own opinion. The purpose of the research is that a person can use information which is available, but he/she should draw his/her own conclusions, create/compile and clearly incorporate own ideas in order to accomplish the entire project. The following strategies are to be considered while doing effective research according to academic materials demands.

Classify and create a topic:

Type the topic name into any search medium as a question. For instance, if a student needs to look for information on cigarette use by teenagers, he/she should enter this topic like “what are the effects of cigarette on teenagers or how many deaths of teenagers have recorded due to smoking”. In short, try to recognise the vital theme and keywords included in it. 

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Searching for sources and background information:

After creating the research outline, the process of research can be initiated in order to find out references/sources, which support the given academic material. Nowadays, the most familiar technique when searching for academic materials, like assignments and journal articles, is via electronic medium catalog. Now, when the research is started, it is strongly recommended to brainstorm all the possible keywords with synonyms that can be incorporated in research questions. Then try to search out the preferred keywords in encyclopedias, articles and other resources to extract the relevant content for the research.

Access to libraries:

Every university has the librarian department to the main goal of which is to ensure that the library obtains all latest journals under the given academic regulation parameters. These libraries corroborate all the academic materials useful for both professor and students in order to meet their needs. It might be useful when writing a research paper to find out academic libraries, visit their website and register in order to have access to all the materials and journals.


 The major part of transforming the research material into answering relevant questions consists of:

Application of critical reading:

When the researcher has collected all the academic material accordingly, he/she has to read and explore all the materials in a critical manner; in this way he/she will be able to identify the significant information. One of the best approaches to read critically is to follow the PQ4R method that is:

  • Preview
  • Generate questions
  • Read
  • Reflect
  • Recite
  • Review

Focus on topic:

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Ask yourself, "The focus of my research is connected logically to my theme, to meet the requirements of the transfer of information”.

What is the topic size?

Always stay focused, and  keep in mind the length of given project while searching for new information. For example, if you have to write a 12 page assignment, a 2 pages assignment is apparently not what you were required to write.  

Summarise the entire material:

When all the research matter has been read then it’s time to summarise the main points and implicate personal opinions. However, the student can extend the details in terms of evidence validity, dissimilarities and wrap contained in the project.

The process of writing:

Writing is a natural practice which takes place throughout the process of researching. The entire writing process consists of the following steps: draft, revision, modifications and rewriting. Following these steps the whole assignment can be transformed into the final project.


How to write effective essays at post graduate level:

Essay is a sort of academic writing in which the approaches of writer and his/her suggestions have a great influence on the reader who needs to accept/reject all the points and views raises in it. Essay is a common piece of writing, which each student has to do within his/her academic session. These days the students can find out many tips and guidelines to write postgraduate level essays in an effective manner. In order to write competent essay at post graduate level students need to develop good writing skills, valuable thoughts and practice of endurance, which facilitate the students in writing high quality essays. Before graduating, they must be good in writing to gain academic success. Certainly, writing is an innovative practice similar to other creative practices, which need some studying and testing, for instance, if a student intends to compose a high-quality essay. Apparently, they might be facing difficulties and even make some mistakes which make them revise things. The fundamental procedures to write academic essay comprise of subject, theme of research, planning, drafting and modifying. Every section of essay writing is critical and when it comes to post graduate level the student needs to re-examine each stage to improve as much as he/she can. Thus, the students should give themselves enough time because they could start writing high quality papers if they write little projects everyday for one or two weeks, rather than look through content and method within couple days. Spend some time thinking and focus on your theme, and then began to study and explore. If a student, has already been given an essay, careful analysis of the key instructions, themes and limitations, as well as the different parts which you have to answer the question should be done. It is recommended to address the words such as discuss, compare and difference, assess or evaluate, explain, analyse, or illustrate. This type of terms enables students to understand what is required and execute it in this essay. Divide the whole essay theme into sub heading or questions that need to be highly considered so as to formulating valuable answers. The students have to make sure to use the research material and prove themselves that they can find research information related to requirements of the topic. The collected work is essential in the process of formation of any kind of essay. All the explanations should be verified; besides, don’t forget to give support to any claim and write the essay according to the latest information and facts. In case of using the ideas and opinions of other writers, the proper explanation and references have to be mentioned. After that, the most essential thing is to do planning before writing and for this students should begin with brainstorming to gather ideas, which then have to be assembled into logical manner, in which students want to present them. The student must pay attention on the sense of flow in essay. For an effective essay never submit the first draft of your essay! First, print out an essay, read it once again and take enough time to improve it as much as possible. Finally, after submission of an essay the professor`s remarks should be marked up and the whole essay evaluated to find out which areas need to be improved. Academic writing process includes custom themes, research, planning, drafting and modifying (For more detailed information, download the thesis writing process). Every stage of the process is crucial when writing graduate essays; you may need to re-examine every step more than once, so allow yourself enough time. You will become a better writer, if you do a small amount of the essay every day for two or three weeks, rather than trying to complete the whole writing process in a few days.

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Spend some time thinking and focus on your theme, and then began to study. If you are given an essay, carefully analyse the key instructions, theme and its parameters, and different parts of the question you have to answer. If you have simply been asked to write an essay on a topic, formulate a question for yourself as this will help to focus on your essay. Break the essay topic down into smaller sub-questions or 'chunks' that need to be addressed in order to develop your answer.

Now, we are moving towards the last section of the report which is analysing the effectiveness of each of the above mentioned tasks in total.


Effectiveness of Research Strategy

Aresearch strategy can evolve and is not necessarily cast in stone. Things can go wrong; for example, unexpected field conditions (drought or flood) may cause a study to fail. There are many things which need to be considered while doing a research and it is also important to check the effectiveness of proposed and selected research strategy in order to complete the things in a perfect manner. The effectiveness of our research strategy is that it comprises of all the sufficient steps which are essential to complete the same in a perfect manner. We have used all the sufficient steps which are important to research and compiled the information as a whole. There can be many hurdles that can halt this, but strong commitment and ad hoc research skills are some of the things which will help to overcome completely all the problems.

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Effectiveness of your project plan

A project plan is the plan needed to manage and operate the company effectively. Organisations need to make plan and then implement it accordingly. The effectiveness of our project plan is that the plan has been conducted according to the project management theory and stance. We have used all the things according to the requirement and according to the proposed plan; hence the effectiveness of the same would be on a higher level.

Any other relevant issues that you have learned

One of the biggest problems found in research based analysis is searching for relevant data and relevant respondents. Searching for the data from the respondents is the key to complete the research in a perfect way. We have learned that if respondents have not been found according to the research, then the likelihood of conducting the research is not possible.


To investigate the problem and use our own thinking is the prime focus of a research (Bryman & Bell, 2007). It is a common fact that two people cannot write absolutely the same research or analysis paper, because of the ideas of retrieving and articulating things from researcher to researcher (Bryman & Bell, 2007). In a nutshell, a research would be called effective if it addresses all the research question(s) comprehensively (Bryman & Bell, 2007). The adoption and implementation of methodology should be in line with the study and must adhere with the requirements, in order to answer the research questions and achieve the research objectives (Crowther D, Lancaster G, 2008).

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There are various aspects of the research methodology that are required to be considered in order to yield effective and positive results. Such aspects are research design, research philosophy, sampling method, research approach, sample design, data collection source and tools and target market. The idea of a research that reflects towards the construction and attainment of knowledge is called Research Philosophy. The main perspective of this assignment relates to writing skills. The assignment comprises of four different tasks and every task has its own recognition and importance. All the assignments have been distributed into four different parts and every part has its own importance and recognition, and all the parts of this assignment are analyzed in the same way. 


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