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In the past years more and more smokers appear. People start smoking being attracted by the advertisements they see, or because their friends or relatives smoke, which is a bad role model for them. Though, governments of many countries prohibit smoking not only in restaurants, cafes, parks, but also along alleys, and on the streets; the number of smokers is growing. They surely know about the damage a cigarette can bring, but nonetheless they smoke, and some even increase the number of cigarettes they smoke during the day. The companies, which produce cigarettes, are interested in people having this bad habit, being addicted to nicotine; that is why the advertisements of cigarettes are always bright and colorful. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies are interested in the increasing number of smokers, because they make money on them; for example, in the past years the market is full of nicotine plasters or special pills that can help a smoker give up almost immediately, but in spite of all the advertisements of such pills, and researches that were made and proved that such pills help, they are useless, if a smoker does not want to give up, if he or she does not realize that smoking kills him or her from inside. This research is aimed to show that there are social companies, not only from private companies, but also governmental, which are aimed to show, and explain, smokers how nicotine damages their health. Such social companies, as “World No Tobacco Day” are aimed to show smokers what they risk; and the non-smokers that a smoker should not be mocked at, for example, that he or she has weak will and cannot give up. Smoking is a disease which damages more and more people from day to day, more and more people die, because smoking causes different heart diseases and kinds of cancer, for example, lung or throat cancer.



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Brief Description of the Social Company

The social company “World No Tobacco Day” was made by the Indian government and currently it is one of the most important companies in the whole world. This company started in 1988, and it is still takes plane on the thirty first of May every year. This company is aimed to help people give up smoking. Every year, the World No Tobacco Day campaign presents reports, and the social posters, that explain the harmful influence on a person’s health, are printed out. Besides this, the founders of this social campaign are eager to cooperate with the government, and they even present so steps which may lead to decreasing the amount of smokers in the country. These steps are:

  • “Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
  • Protect people from tobacco use
  • Offer help to quit tobacco use
  • Warn about the dangers of tobacco
  • Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
  • Raise taxes on tobacco.” (fact sheet, 2012)

Unlike other social campaigns that are against smoking, the campaign World No Tobacco Day is not aimed to show all the benefits of non-smoking, but instead shows all the horrible circumstances. They show what may happen to a person who smokes, and to those who are second hand smokers, the posters show how horrible their life may become if they do not give up this bad habit. “Tobacco kills nearly six million people each year, of whom more than 5 million are users and ex users and more than 600 000 are nonsmokers exposed to second-hand smoke. Unless urgent action is taken, the annual death toll could rise to more than eight million by 2030.” (fact sheet, 2012)

Audience for the Companies

As it was mentioned above more and more people all over the world begin to smoke every day, but less and less give up. Not only adults smoke, but also teenagers and the elderly, which makes the situation even worse, because teenagers are the future of the world. Thus, the campaign “World No Tobacco Day” is aimed to help all the categories of people, teenagers, smokers who have this habit for quite a long time, pregnant women, who are willing to give up smoking and save their child. As the campaign “World No Tobacco Day” has three companies, which are aimed for different categories of people, which means that every person, willing to give up smoking, can find a program which fits his or her state of health and some personal preferences.

Advantages of the World No Tobacco Day

The World No Tobacco Day is aimed to help those who smoke for quite a long time and have serious problems with health. The campaign’s advertisements show not only the disadvantages of smoking and advantages of giving up, but also tell people short stories about smokers and their families or friends. For example, a story of a woman:

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“My dear friend Jill died due to the lung cancer which spread to other organs. We had been friends since we were both 11 years of age. I gave up smoking about 23 years ago. Jill was highly addicted to tobacco and still smoked, even on the ward while hospitalized (in toilets). I am angry and sad. Both her parents lived into their eighties. Jill and I had plans for some travel in the future but now, she's gone. It's hard to understand these toxic products - cigarettes - being freely available to addicts to harm themselves and possibly others.” (smokers’ stories, 2010)

The main benefit of this campaign is that it is aimed to show all the disadvantages of smoking, but also it shows all the advantages of giving up. On the other hand, posters of this campaign are horrible and frightful, which makes every person to think twice before taking another cigarette:

Besides, this campaign is used to show celebrities, who do not smoke, on their posters. It is said that such pictures will make fans of a celebrity think twice before taking a cigarette:

Such posters are available not only on the official website of the campaign, but also on other web-sources. There are statistic facts, proving not only how dangerous smoking is, but also horrible facts about smoking itself:

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Every 8 seconds someone dies as a result of tobacco.

Over the last 50 years, six million Britons have died from tobacco-related diseases.

It's estimated that one in two regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their tobacco habit, half of these in middle age.

Tobacco kills about 4.2 million people worldwide every year.

Tobacco consumption will kill 10 million people worldwide a year by the late 2020’s. (Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland)

Smoking causes 30 per cent of all cancer deaths in India (including at least 84 per cent of lung cancer deaths), 17 per cent of all heart disease deaths and at least 80 per cent of deaths from bronchitis and emphysema.

In India smoking related health issues result in 8 million consultations with GPs and over 7 million prescriptions each year.

More than 17,000 children under the age of five are admitted to hospital every year because of the effects of passive smoking.

Second-hand smoke may result in as many as 500 deaths a week, (according to Health Select Committee).

Around 34 million working days are lost to Indians industry each year due to smoking related sick leave.

The cost of smoking related absenteeism to industry in India is approximately four billion euro.

Besides, there are eight benefits of quitting smoking, which are given on the official web site of the campaign:

“Within 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure drop.

12 hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal.

2-12 weeks your circulation improves and your lung function increases.

1-9 months coughing and shortness of breathe decrease.

1 year your risk of coronary heart disease is about half that of a smoker. 

5 years your stroke risk is reduced to that of a nonsmoker 5 to 15 years after


10 years your risk of lung cancer falls to about half that of a smoker and your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, cervix, and pancreas decreases.

15 years the risk of coronary heart disease is that of a nonsmoker's.” (Fact sheet about health benefits of smoking cessation, 2012)

The Influence of Smoking on a Person and on the Society

Why do people begin to smoke? Many of those who smoke for quite a long time confess that the first cigarette did not bring any pleasure, they wanted to cough, and had bitter aftertaste in the mouth. So why did they take the second cigarette? Different social theories explain this phenomenon in different ways.

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As one may see, society influences greatly on a smoker (peers, social pressure, prior contact and even knowledge about the disease), but also a smoker makes his or her own choice asking himself or herself a question “How dangerous is it?” and “Will I get it?”. The third factor that influences, whether a person will smoke or not, is the society. Media campaigns, lay advice, reminders from G.P., magazines, articles, talk shows also influence people’s choices. Thus, the influence of the society is much greater than the person’s decision.

This theory explains mostly why a person wants to give up smoking. A person should understand that such a behavior is inappropriate for the society where he or she lives, because the non-smoking behavior is more preferable; thus, a person will get intention to act, which means to give up smoking. As one may see, those theories are opposite for this research: the first theory shows why a person is intended to begin smoking and the second theory shows what makes a person give up smoking.

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This research has shown that the World No Tobacco Day is very productive; it helps people from all the Australia to give up smoking. Smoking has become a very serious problem in the modern world society; it kills more and more people every day. Such Campaigns should be developed and financed not only by private funds, but also by the government. The main problem is that people are influenced greatly not only by their relatives, friends, peers, but also by advertisements in all kinds of mass media. That is why government should pay attention not only different campaigns which are to help smokers to give up, but also for the advertisements that are shown on the TV or printed in the newspapers.


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