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Daedalus Astronautics is an innovative science group that was formed to steer most scientific practical applications the science field. The group is based in Arizona State University and does educational outreach in engineering, mathematics and science to the community. The group aims at coming up with the best innovation projects that are beneficial to all students and enhance their knowledge in science. A meeting was held by group on the 30th of July, 2012. The agenda was to share new ideas that have been developed and to launch the hybrid rocket motor. The meeting was attended by all the members of the club in readiness to unravel the new motor. It was being tested for the first time, and most members had anticipated this launch. The motor is truly captivating and has some features that are particularly appealing.

The hybrid rocket motor is a rocket that uses two states of matter as a propellant. The motor uses solid matter and any other form of matter alternating between a gas and a liquid. The name was coined from the fact that the hybrid motor uses, two forms of matter as opposed to the solid or the liquid motors. The hybrid motor is preferred because it is safe, cheap, and it is also straightforward in structure. The other forms of motors include the solid rocket motors and the gas rocket motors. This hybrid rocket motor was used to characterize swirl injectors on a small scale (Space staff, 2012).



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The principle behind the mechanism of operation of the motor hybrid is the use of pressure. The motor is made up of a pressure vessel which is filled with the liquid propellant. It has a combustion chamber which has a solid propellant. The two chambers are separated by a valve that prevents them from mixing up. An ignition gadget is used in the combustion chamber to trigger thrust. This ignition causes the valve to open, and the liquid or gas propellant moves to the chamber. It is then converted into vapor and then it is mixed with the solid propellant. In most cases, the solid propellant is used as the fuel unlike the liquid propellant which is used as an oxidizer. The liquid oxidizer is more recommended because it increases the efficiency of the performance and they are less stressful to use (Birnholz, Hashmonay, Omary, Peretz, and Zeev, 2011).

The hybrid rocket motor has various advantages over the other types of motors. It has a much simpler mechanical structure as opposed to the other forms of rockets. The volume of the system is considerably reduced by employing the use of denser fuels. This rocket also has the ability of using reactive metals which enhance its efficiency and make it perform better. There is a reduced risk of corroding the metals since the materials which are used are usually resistant to corrosion. These are the advantages which the hybrid propellants have over the liquid rockets. The hybrid rocket motors are better than the solid propellants since they are safe and can use natural oxidizers, which are not toxic. They have a propellant grain that tolerates more pressure hence reduces the risk of explosion (Athougies, Rodulfo, De Turris and Zach, 2011).

Despite this numerous advantages, the hybrid rocket motors have their own disadvantages. The motor may fail to shut down immediately due to the chemical reactions taking place, and they have a regression rate which is low. These disadvantages are minimal compared the ones in the oil and solid motors. These shortcomings can be managed and a better product made. This shows that the hybrid motor has untapped potential, and there are loopholes that still need to be addressed to make the products have fewer disadvantages. The advantages override the disadvantage that comes with the motor and thus making it more admirable (space staff, 2012).

The hybrid motor is a project that was developed to enhance the efficiency of motors. It uses two forms of matter; a solid with either a gas or a liquid. It has shown efficiency in function, cost and safety. It uses the principle of pressure for it to function; this makes it eco-friendly. This motor comes with its advantages, which make it more preferred as opposed to the liquid and the solid motors. It has a simpler mechanical structure, and it is easy to use.

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The group further had discussions on the various ways in which it could generate income through the projects that they had made. The group needed to find a way to increase their income apart from the support that they received from the donors. A task was given, and each member was given an assignment which would be discussed in the next meeting. No one was expected to fail to attend to the tasks which were assigned to them.

The meeting ended on a good note. The members of the group were fascinated by the incredible wonders that they had invented. More people promised to do their best and to come up with new projects that could inspire the members of the group to be more innovative and open minded. Several suggestions were made on how the motor could be improved and made to be better placed. A date was set for the next community outreach program to educate the community members on how to effectively maintain a sanitary environment and how to reduce the effects of global warming through basic practices, which were discussed during the meeting.


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