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Jen, Susan. Food for Thought – Vegan Recipes Cookbook, Vegetarian Health Book. Hartland Publication’s Digital Library, 1999.

Jen’s book focuses on the means of estimation health protecting and life promoting qualities of the food we eat. The author assesses the effect of food on our health and life in general. Jen emphasizes the importance of improving healthy food. The book analyzes the ways a human body functions and the means of keeping it in optimal health. The author reaches a conclusion that the body processes are very complicated. At the same time, they are not isolated from each other. Everything in our body is interrelated. The results of the choices we make have a considerable influence on our bodies and minds. The author demonstrates that the concept of “a healthy human being” includes not only physical health, but spiritual, emotional and intellectual health as well. Jen depicts the influence of certain food on the human body.

The book consists of five chapters and an epilogue. Each chapter starts with the word ‘nature’. The author named the chapters starting with this word in order to emphasize the connection of a human being with nature through the food people eat every day. Jen begins the first chapter ‘Nature’s harmony’ with the short story about the research which was done on rabbits. The usage of such intriguing examples provokes interest in readers.



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In the third chapter ‘Nature’s pharmacy’ Jen puts forward an idea that one should fight with the diseases with the help of food. Nature can provide people with all vitamins that are needed for a healthy life. The author assumes that we must eat grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables to prevent a lot of diseases.

The book is full of philosophical ideas, which can make the reader think over his/her way of life. Jen demonstrates the advantages of the vegetarianism. The author uses the results of researches to persuade the reader to choose healthy food that will provide long and happy life.

Craig, Winston. “Health Effects of Vegan Diets.” The American journal of clinical nutrition, 2009.

The article investigates the effect of vegetarian diets. Craig narrates about the increasing popularity of such diets. The author compares different diets and their outcomes. A lot of information is given about different groups of vitamins that can be provided by the vegetarian food. The evidence indicates that vegetarians tend to be thinner and healthier than those who eat meat.

Craig concludes that the risk of heart disease depends on the blood pressure and serum cholesterol. The more meat we eat, the greater harm is done to our bodies. Nevertheless, the author exemplifies that the exclusion of animal products from the diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Craig summarizes the published researches of the risks that may be caused by the diets. He demonstrates that elimination of some products from the food intake can lead to bones problems, cardiovascular diseases and even to cancer. However, the author explains what one is supposed to know before choosing the appropriate diet.

In comparison with the book Food for Thought – Vegan Recipes Cookbook, Vegetarian Health Book the given article is more critical of the vegetarianism. Craig uses a lot of specific terminology to name the vitamins and chemical elements. This can influence the understanding of the topic.

Goldstein, Hesh. “Eating Wisely”. Naturalnews Network, 2012.

Goldstein offers practical advice for those struggling with extra weight. She criticizes people for becoming slaves of their tongues. The article contains information about the serious harm caused by advertising campaigns. The author judges the use of chemically flavored and preserved food, refined flour and sugar products. She emphasizes that animals are fed with genetically modified products. Consequently, this has an influence on the quality of meat. Together with such meat consumers purchase unknown diseases.

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The article contains results of different investigations. For example, the China-Oxford-Cornell study proves that those people who eat animal food have seventeen times greater risk of suffering from heart diseases, which may have a lethal outcome. The author uses numbers to emphasize the dangers that meat can cause.

Goldstein demonstrates that being a vegetarian saves energy and water. She gives convincing arguments to confirm her point of view.

A lot of numbers are used in the article for convincing a reader to become a vegetarian. The given article is more persuasive than the book Food for Thought – Vegan Recipes Cookbook, Vegetarian Health Book and the article “Health Effects of Vegan Diets.” The author does not simply narrate about the advantages of vegetarian food; she calls for becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

Hackett, Jolinda. “7 Quick Tips for Vegetarian Health.” About.com. Vegetarian health, 2012.

The author identifies seven methods that will help everybody, not only vegetarians, become healthier and more energetic. Hackett describes each step using simple words that are easy for understanding. The first is to eat dark green vegetables at least three times a week. Such vegetables are full of different vitamins. The author suggests drinking greens for those who do not like to eat them.

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The second advice is to take a vitamin supplement. This method is widely spread among vegetarians but can be also used by anybody else.

The author suggests drinking as much as possible and using less sugar. Such steps are often used in diets. The article contains more steps for reaching the goal.

The given article is the shortest one in comparison with “Eating Wisely” and “Health Effects of Vegan Diets.” The author uses the form of a casual talk for her article that makes it accessible to people of any age.

“Vegetarian and Vegan Diets Q&A.” NHS choices, 2011.

The article consists of fourteen questions and answers about staying healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet. All the answers are full and are written at an appropriate level. The first answer is the definition of the word ‘vegetarian’. The author identifies three types of vegetarians: lacto-ovo-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians and vegans.

The answer to the question about an appropriate age of becoming a vegetarian, or a vegan was one of the longest. The author demonstrates that the need for vitamins differs according to the age and the season. For example, vitamin ? can be made by the body in summer, when the skin is exposed to sunlight. In winter, one can get extra vitamin from the food. Eggs and margarine are full of vitamin D.

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Three questions are about pregnancy and children. The article points out that vegetarian and vegan diets can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well. Balanced diets can provide enough nutrients, but it can be hard to get enough vitamins. The author recommends taking vitamin supplements. Extra supplements are widely used not only for children. The evidence indicates that if the diet of vegetarians and vegans is not properly planned, they can miss essential nutrients.

A lot of important questions are raised in the article. The author tries to answer each question using simple words. The author explains and clarifies every problem that vegetarians or vegans can face. All the arguments are clear, some of them have electronic addresses for those who need detailed information.

In comparison with “Eating Wisely”, “Health Effects of Vegan Diets” and “7 Quick Tips for Vegetarian Health”the structure of the given article differs a lot. It consists of the questions and answers that make it look like a dialogue between the writer and the reader.


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