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Free «Mass Media Platforms: How Technology Is Changing The Way We Communicate» Essay Sample

The mass media are the way of communication that involves large audiences.   Periodicals, broadcasting or direct speech all represent the mass media. Also,  the Internet, television, advertising, movies, radio, papers, magazines, etc refer to the mass media.. Mass media have a strong power of influence on human’s mind, opinions and world perception. Under the mass media influence, people can do some bright or wilful acts, and, of course, they can see everything in a wrong way.. Nowadays media technologies have a very bad impact on people’s lives because of their brutality. Media’s information seems  senseless, because every innovation is broadcast in the same way. It is obvious that there is nothing instructive in today’s media, they are only destroying the way we communicate.

When people wake upin the morning, they are attacked by the mass media in a variety of  ways. Morning newspapers, as well as numerous advertisements on television are telling us how we must live and what we must do. Sometimes we can think that mass media is a masterly creation, because people just sell us the products that can make our lifes better.. The most horrible thing is that the majority of  young people are under the influence of  savage video games. The specialists think that it is necessary to  estimate the trends one find  in broadcasting today. Why people's lives are under the influence of the mass media? Does it create healthy people? I suppose it does not. Maybe it cultivates a strong culture, great opinion in people's minds? It this case, as mentioned in the article “Mass Media Influence”, the mass media is destroying us as personalities because of it is imposing character.



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The highest achievement of the mass media is a brainwashing of the mass. How can we believe in what we see on television, hear in radio? It is a question, why the government, with the  support of the media, is trying to hold all the people in its hands. The media often dictates what we should do and what we will buy. Here is an exampOne of the books that  have considerable influence on people's  minds  is a book about Harry Potter’s adventures.

Nowadays all of us live in an interesting world which depends on people's communication with each other, ongeneral media information. In this world,   everybody wants to move in a right way and live his/hr own lives: go to the university, have rest and joy, care about health, personal relationships, and something like  what we want and need to do. The government imposes its will by the mass media, and the biggest part of society believes it It is a terrible situation.

An ordinary person mostly gets up in the morning, watches TV programs or reads some magazines or papers, goes to work, makes  phone calls, has a dinner with his/her family when there is the feasibility, and  makes conclusions and solutions grounded in events which he/she gets to know from colleagues and the mass media sources (“Mass Media Influence”).

How can we make a correct decision, how can we believe in  better life, if everything that surrounds us is a lie? Usually when we work, we think about people's daily actions or business. Some answers can be found in our sophisticated knowledge. However, we are trying to find in the mass media the information  which could distract us from our daily problems (“Mass Media Influence on Society”).

The mass media compel us to believe in information which is profitable for the government. Nevertheless, the extensive media’s effect on kids, teenagers, society at all is so powerful that we can hardly know how it truly works, whether  it is wrong or  right. Any information we hear or see is made up certainly for manipulation.

As it was mentioned in the article “Mass Media Influence on Society”, the mass media earns  sizeable money by selling  its advertising. We buy something only after watching  numerous reclaims, after which  we can make  buying decisions. We think that these are products we can trust,  based on the media and other’s people decisions.

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The mass media effects in teenagers in  an interesting way. When they see their favorite celebrities, they try to look like them. So they buy such clothes or other stuff, which they see ontheir favourite stars.

Young people always want to be successful, beautiful, so the media establishes the perfect image of a beautiful person and gives some characteristics of a successful man in the movies and TV shows. The movie’s perfect person and perfect world are  one of technologiesof the mass media influence. It can be wrong in different ways, but we believe in it. One of the negative influences on young people is anorexia and obesity. Many  young people try to look thin or skinny – such aspirations often lead to death. People, women above of all, try to look skinny even if they are not obese, because they want to look like supermodels (“Mass Media Influence on Society”).

When we  watch TV, we usually see many pictures of violence where  people are hurt or killed. The problem is watching them  bring shock and injure people’s, in particular children’s psychee. Yet, this is just another technique of the mass media influence. Children who start to grow, see such scenes of violence and they are automatically exposed to risk of becoming murderers or maniacs in the future. This is the way the media motivate us to be violent.

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As it has been said above, the media have a significant impact on society and particularlyon the public mind and opinion. The mass media play with public opinion decidedly, strategically and skillfully. Every technique of the media influence is created, to my mind, by specific sociological experts who know  human weaknesses. These experts make strategy plans of influence on the public opinion. This is the way the media impact human thoughts.

A great example of the media’s influence is a pre-election campaign. Some  candidates pay TV-channels to air his advertising of his pre-election campaign. If the advertising is colorful and bright, people “eat” it. The second way of pre-election candidate’s campaign is people’s bribery (“Mass Media Influence on Society”).

It is so difficult to imagine human's modern life without information. All we are well-informed about the events from abroad by friends and family, but the biggest volume of information we consume from the Internet. Nowadays the world wide web is the greatest source of the mass media information and influence. The Internet stopped people’s live conversation, and it signifies the beginning of the end of a live community – it seems now there are only virtual conversations, virtual individuals, and lifeless society.

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Nowadays most  people aged from 12 to 40 are indrawn in this wild web. This means they cannot see the real world anymore, because everything changes, virtual people take the place of real people, and the web-world becomes more beautiful than real. Besides,  cruel video games destroy children’s brains. So there is nothing else to add.

Today virtually all  books andperiodicals are on the Internet, thus the Internet overshadows the “Printed Word” .It seems people do not read books from libraries anymore! For example, when we need to prepare some homework, or we want to read some news, articles, we log in to  the Internet and look for what we are busy with. There are only  few individuals who look for some information in the libraries, printed magazines, journals, and papers. When the Internet replaced all editions of the printed word, it made all users’ lives a bit easier  because it eliminated the  need to sit in reading halls with  a notebook and rewrite the information you have found.Still,  it is also a minus, as it has already been said above because such jobsas a librarian, paper editor, etccould become unnecessary and people will lose their jobs (Biagi 9).

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As it  Shirley Biagi say, the most significant role in people’s life is occupied by  TV. Television  mesmerizes people, especially  those who sit at home and have no job. TV broadcasting has a significant effect on humanity with a visual picture, and this image has  bigger power than a mere word, so it makes us zombies. Above all, people grow fat, because the best thing they can do along with watching TV is eating.

We start to forget how to spend our time out of home and without TV. Today we devote our free time to TV and the Internet. Of course, there are many fascinating programs on TV, but there is no way how it can develop our perception of the world. There are children programs, but they are stupid, they do not suggest any  development; there are sport programs, it could have been n be amusing for sport fans and  music channels but today’s clips are just awful. It is hard to find someone in our country who does not owna TV-set, the Internet. This person needs to livedeep in forests and mountains. For example, businessmen can not dispense without the Internet and mobile phones, even when they have rest  with their families (Biagi 11).

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Today television broadcasts programs in various languages, for different layers of society. Watching the news is very popular. It is compelling for us to watch the news because we need to be informed about the events from all over the world; but TV and the Internet dos not provide us with knowledge and enlightenment. They rather distract from the reality.

There is a  line between society and TV-broadcasting - the advertising. It is the way how the state power and  entrepreneurs pull the money from the people. As it was said before, they force us to buy some products to make our lives better. Of course, it is wrong; but this is the policy. The products they sell are not available for all people.

A list of positive and negative influences of the mass media on humanity has been made.

PositiveImpactsof the Media

- The technology of the mass media makes the distance between people smaller. It gives us a chance for easy communication with other people through the Internet.

- Via the media technologies we can participate in different actions all over the world, virtually, of course. Thanks to the media we know about world disasters. We learn about new  fashion trends and culture of different nations.

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- Via the Internet we can learn information more quickly, than from books.

- Images and music have the best quality.

- People can make some parties and invite other people through the Internet to come  to these occasions.

- Via the media we can improve our language knowledge because there are so many audio-voice lessons on the Internet.

- The media technologies allow us to have  rest by  entertaining ourselves.

- Under the mass media influence people can create a new culture.

- New technologies can transform people’s view in a positive sense.

Negative impacts of Media

- There are people, who hold in their hands the mass media technologies, and these people have significant power, in other words,  they rule the world. Individuals who have such force can control whole nations.

- The media technologies can build  cultures which can destroy  nations.

- Nowadays the mass media is a  biz. People use the mass media for profit and  they try to make big money t.

- The mass media influence promotes the materialistic society, i.e. when people want to obtain  material  products and have materialistic needs. This makes people cruel to each other.

- The mass media build a wrong perception of the fashion, lifestyle, and means of existence.

- The mass media technologies account for  produce violence, drug addiction, racism, earlier sexual experience among teenagers. This is  why we live in a  society like this.

- Usually the media technologies are used for political and pre-election purposes. So politicians perceive and treat  people like toys during their political campaigns.

- There is no communication between the children and their parents. Today’s children pay attention only to video games, Twitter, Facebook, and other Internet entertaining resources (Biagi 23).

- There is so much violence and sex on TV with everybody watching it.Then we wonder why our children grow up and become maniacs.

When people get the information from the media technologies, they promptly begin to create  pictures of their own life which fit into  the “standards” onthe TV and Internet. This picture is not always right, but via mass brainwashing the “leading specialists” dictate to the people how it is to live correctly, what to eat, and what to wear. The mass media are related to an extremely cruel and unfair policy, which allows having  control over the large masses of people and which allows  implementing  ideas of those individuals who have unlimited money and power in their hands. As a result, we now livein a degraded world and spoilt society led by the technologies to its logical end. I suppose in a few  years,  we will live in a world which will be controlled not by people but by the machines.

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According to the content of the articles,  a conclusion may be drawn that we are living in a world of highly developed technologies the mass media platforms amongst them. They penetrate all areas of people's lives.  TVs with  huge screens, access to the Internet everywhere,  a portable devices(mobile phones, laptops, etc) that can enter the global network…It seems all these things were created for human comfort, but as one may see in real life they are used to provide  a possibility for any government to control human livelihoods.


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