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We live in the time of rapid scientific and technological progress that leads to two quite opposite results. On the one hand, it makes our life easier and more comfortable. We can dive into the deepest ocean trench and can walk in the Amazon’s forests without any fear to be infected with some terrible disease. On the other hand, to reach an appropriate medicine level a lot of experiments are done not only on animals, but on people, as well.

While reading about the Tuskegee experiment and the Yanomami, I was deeply impressed by the deeds of those who took the Hipocratic Oath. Human guinea pigs did not even know that the study of the natural progression of untreated syphilis was taking place. What is even more frightening that experiments were done on poor, rural black men. As if those men were not human beings at all. The scientific research influenced not only on them, but on their wives and children, as well. I am against such inhuman experiments, no matter what usage they may bring for the medicine. The price is too high.

Our government must do everything that is possible to prevent such abuse in the future. The regulations of scientific researchers must include strict rules about the information that is given to the patient and about the payment. These regulations must have a special part about the religion to prevent the damage, as it was with the Yanomami. In spite all the mistakes that were done by the mankind I still believe that we will learn how to treat illness without social division. Hope, given examples will teach to avoid such terrible results in future.


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