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Free «The Highest Jumping in the World Felix» Essay Sample

Felix Baumgartner, an Australian parachutist entered the books of records on October 14th 2012 for breaking the record for highest skydives. He struck this record after he leaped from a balloon at least 24 miles above the surface of the earth. This was an historic event (Lori, 16). Felix stepped into the void about 128,000 feet above southeastern New Mexico on Sunday at about 12 p. m. He then safely landed on the desert floor 20 minutes later. His landing shattered the attitude record of skydiving. Te record had stood unbroken for at least 50 years.

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During his freefall, for instance, Felix became the leading skydiver ever to break the sound barrier. This is about 690 mph at such lofty heights. This occurred on a special day. The day marks the 65th centenary of the foremost flight of supersonic airplane which was piloted by an American called Chuck Yeager on board the Bell X-1 missile plane in 1947. Just before he leaped, Felix said he knew the world was watching and he wished the planet could see what he saw, and sometimes one has to go far above the ground to see how tiny they really are (Lori, 21).  

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Preliminary results of the leap indicated that Felix spent about four minutes and twenty seconds in freefall. The leap’s speed was 833 mph, which is equivalent to 1,342.8 kph. The top speed for the jump was Mach 1.24, which is significantly quicker than the speed of sound. There were cheers and applauses in a post-jump journalist’s conference since Utley communicated the good news.

Felix said he did not feel anything unusual while breaking the sound fence. He said that when one is that pressure suit, he doesn’t fell anything. According to him, it is like being in a cast (Maria, 60). The only fault during the leap was a hitch with the faceplate heater in Felix’s helmet. The skydiver, together with the Mission Control team labored on this problem during the ascend, which lasted for hours. However, they ultimately made a choice to carry on with the leap notwithstanding the heater issue. Later, Felix reported that the heater was working.

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Felix briefly went into a traumatic spin during the freefall. However, he was able to pick up and enter a controlled descent. He reported that his visor was fogging at the course of the dramatic descent.  Felix’s parachute deployed and applause exploded from his mission control after the daredevil came toward Earth for at least four minutes (Maria, 34). Felix grounded about 37 miles away from the point where he had launched his mission in New Mexico. The parachutist’s capsule touched down an additional 55 miles to the east of the landing point.

Felix’s mission, referred to as Red Bull Stratos, as well set the evidence for the highest manned balloon flight ever. Officials of the projects touted the leap as a “space jump,” terming it as a “Mission to the Border of Space.” However, the formally recognized space limit is in fact higher. Most experts generally take space to start at an height of 62 miles, which is equivalent to 100 kilometers or about 327000 feet (Jagdeep, 42).  

The 43-year-old Felix is a expert thrill-seeker. He has ever jumped from a number of of the tallest buildings all over the world. He has also soared all over the English Channel for freefall with the help of a carbon wing. However, he said this particular historic leap ought to do much more than etching his in the books of record. Red Bull Stratos is a chance to seek information, which could add to the development and advancement of life-saving measures among astronauts and pilots. This can also be an opportunity to develop skills for space tourists (Felix 12).


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