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Free «Islam as a Pretense for Power in Post-Revolutionary Iran» Essay Sample


This paper seeks to explain how the Iranian government is using Islam to have power in and outside of the country. It describes how the hunger for power is growing and Iran’s leaders believe that no outside force can slow their rise to worldwide fame. The paper will show how the Iranian leaders are persuaded that even the United States will not challenge its rise to global recognition. The paper discusses various views from leaders like Ayatolla Ahmad H., an Iranian politician and clergy member, who told the United States leaders that they have to recognize Iran as a powerful nation in the political and religious arena. Ayatolla urged the United States to work with Iran other than going against the nation.


 This is a clear indication of why Iran has not submitted to the demand of the American leaders concerning their involvement with politics, developing ideologies against terrorism, transmission of Islam worldwide and collaboration in global matters. The Iranian political leaders are no longer scared of the United States. They believe that the United States has failed in preserving world order. Therefore, the Iranian political leaders are working towards achieving an over ambitious strategy, which is intertwined to islam, intended to straightening the current world order and expanding Iranian supremacy and control. The Islamic republic of Iran is presently challenging the world ideologically.



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It is important to note that Islamic nation of Iran has also tried to be a politically and religiously stable in the past. For instance, amid the years 550 and 300 BCE, the Persian kingdom reigned from the Indus Valley of Pakistan to the Libyan Desert and from the central part of Asia to Turkey. Iran is actively engaging itself with the past through regular political, religious, and social situations that renders the Iran people the most patriotic. The Iranian leaders have been touched by such patriotic feelings who continue to strive in maintaining national respect and identification. The Iranian leaders are trying their level best to enhance their Islamic vision at the local and international realm.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the Persian royalty may have brought fame to the Islamic Republic of Iran, not many Iranians still have the same ideology concerning the current strive for political prominence. In less than thirty years, the Iranian people have been adversely impacted by the ongoing struggle for global reign. It is evident that the political undertaking in this particular area has not been fruitful at all. Only small groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah have managed to hold their heads up. It is not just the economy of Iran that is in chaos, but the general society as well. The so-called passion for religion has not yielded much for Iranians. The amount of resistance that Iran is currently facing from other nations across the globe is currently not clear because of poor leadership. However, the Islamic Republic is totally repelled in foreign countries. In addition, Iran’s plans are failing due to lack of support for the current regime back at home and rising conflicts amid leaders. Shiite Islamism and Iranian patriotism were products of the expansionist and Iranian Islamic policy. Nevertheless, these political unions are facing challenges, which are hindering their implementation. It appears that theocracy will not confuse Islamists and at the same time, the secularists have their own strategy, which they believe is fit for attaining Iranian fame. Regardless of Iran’s boldness of the global arena, the nation’s underachievement has killed the little authenticity it may have established. The more Iran presses on with its global agenda, the more the conflicts amid the nation’s leaders. It is undisputable that the many the disputes in Iran, the further the nation is destroyed. In the year 1979, Islamic Iran declared war against the United States and vowed that nothing was going to stop this nation from achieving global power and control. Additionally, Iran declared that the nation was going to spread and revolutionize Islam across the world. Iranian plans are presenting being taken seriously by the globe and this is because it nuclear plans of many years have now matured.

Iran leaders believe that political alienations and negotiations symbolize security for the era and a way through which the nation’s plans may be expanded. The Islamic Republic is also showing up its reign at the local level since the political control has permitted Iran leaders to merger patriotism’s desires with those of Shiite Islamist upon which the era was established. The International Atomic Energy Agency and western world have predicted that in the near future, Iran is going to unleash Islam laws, which will determine the leadership and religious stand of many nations. This fact has largely scared many countries across the world. Nations such as Israel and Saudi Arabia have borne the impact of Islam threats for a very long time now. These nations oppose Iran’s imperialism. Iranian political rulers have argued that they have no ill intention against the world and all they seek is peaceful leadership and power. They argue that their political ideas are founded on ancient Islamic ideologies. Iran’s leader, Ayatolla Ali K., stated in 2010 that the teachings of Islam perceive poor politics and religion to be vicious and are not supposed to be put into use. Regardless of this rebuke, Iranian rulers started merging political with their religious ideologies. For instance, Gharavian Mohsen, a powerful member of clergy in Iran stated that politics are not a setback as Sharia allows their use, which should be natural. The argument is that religion requires believers to be victors. The Iranian leaders have argued that there is need for Iran to survive as a nation. These leaders add that there is need to back themselves with offensive and self-protective weapons. Political leaders such as Musavi who was the Prime minister of Iran between the years1981 and 1989 backed requests to use Islam and gain political powers.

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            In the Iran Republic, the government and religion have been perceived as one entity throughout history and political ideology. Sasanian policy stated that, “faith and government were born never to be separated”. The religion with which Sasanian supported did not promote worldwide the same way local Muslim clergy leaders do. Khomeinin, the ultimate ruler later stated that they did not reject the usage of Islam to gain fame and power. The next Iranian president, Rafsanjan, made sure that the nation resumed fully its quest for political power creation. Considering this merging of religion and patriotism, combined with the demolishing encounter in war with Iraq, it would be common to see some Iranian leaders supporting the nation’s Islamic political aspirations. Therefore, the chances of Iran abandoning the plans even if the current era undergoes transformation, seem to be slim. The unproductive responses from Iranian leaders such as Mousavi and Rafsanjani, and the unyielding peace talks in 2009 and 2011 are a clear indication that Iran would never abandon fusing political and spiritual plans. Iran and Shiism believe that western nations that are superpowers are a hindrance to the endurance of this nation. Therefore, militantism through islam is the way to go for Iran. The belief is that Islam and its followers need to be protected. However, it has become clear that the support for peaceful talks and fresh politics use has not yielded positive results and Iran might just not succeed with its Islamic objectives. In contradiction to these believes the leader Ahmadinejad echoed that it would be of no use for Iran to use political influence to gain global power. In addition, international permits appear to have tightened the Iranian economy and slowed down the movement of resources hence affecting the nation’s nuclear plans. The Iranian rulers have been left with no choice but to jumble to sustain and reinstate resources, technological providers, and hard money.

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Iran perceives Islamic political control to play one major role in global dominance. Through sharing of technological knowhow with developing nations, Iran aims at bringing down superpowers and in turn attaining worldwide political, military, and religious dominance. Iran does not wish to permit the United States, Israel, and the European Union to have any business in Asia and Middle East. Iran aims at showing the world that the United States and its collaborators are no longer powerful politically. Iran wants to revive its historical territories. The utterances of the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad reveal that the nation is trying to come up with a fresh global order. Iranian leaders are weighing the strength of the United States and its power on the present world order and at the same time trying to prove the fact that western nations are all talk and no substance. It has been mentioned that some Iranian political leaders back the use of political force expecting that not only will Iranian patriotism be spread but the nation’s vital understanding of Islam as well. The Islamic expansion idea concerns itself with the following areas; diplomacy, economy, educational and military. The economy of Iran depends largely on energy and at the moment, Lebanon is being assisted by this nation is assisting in the establishment of Islamic peace act. Iran is also developing economic associations with Sudan located in the Horn of Africa. Port Sudan is the main reason for this association where it can act as a passage amid the Arabian Sea and Suez Canal. Nonetheless, the United States is afraid that Port Sudan is not just being used as a passage but a transit area for Iranian Islamists. Therefore, Iran is searching for rebels who can assist it in its quest. Notably, Iran has also reestablished its associations with the Shiite armed force and officials in the nation of Iraq.

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The past three decades has seen Iranians emanating from all scopes of life uniting and trying to establish a liberal fresh society. The ambitions of the Iranians were interrupted when Khomeini and his followers took control over the revolt and enforced an anti-Western government that has been in power since then. These leaders blinded the Iranians by deceiving them that they would meet their expectations. After attaining power, these leaders viciously eliminated the Islamic Iranians out of the political arena. In the modern times, those who still want to realize the global Islamic revolution like the Shiite Islamists, are utilizing the same techniques like those of Khomeinist. As mentioned earlier, the main objective is to spread Islam across the entire globe and to become a major participant in the Arab political scene.


 The innovative world order is expected to operate along Islamist ideologies. However, the confrontation that Iran fronts to the world is complex and comprehensive as compared to just the ascend of political alignments. It has also been mentioned that some Iranian leaders are in support of political and religious use, though their vision concerning the fresh world order are diverse. The hunger for power in the Islamic republic is indisputably heightening. Iran mainly aspires to gain international dominance and freeze superpowers such as the United States their influence in the world. This has led some secular Iranian leaders to find ways and means through, which they can protect, their nation, and the world at large.


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