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Home Heat Helpline Campaign


The home heat helpline plans to hold an awareness campaign, which is to help tackle the fuel poverty and make the low-income households become aware of help and services they are entitled.

Press Release

The Home Heat Helpline awareness event will take place at the Royal Albert hall, Knightsbridge Area in London. The event targets to draw more that 20,000 people. The charge for the event is 20 pounds per ticket, in which case it will be used for raffle in the event. The winner of the raffle will win a dinner with Mo Farah; a British athlete and a world and European champion. There will be dignitaries who will attend the awareness campaign, and include the politicians Boris Johnson and David Cameron, who are expected to benefit from the event and create positive publicity.

The aim of this awareness campaign is to bring energy to everyone. Fuel Poverty is when household is planning to spend more that 10 percent of its income on fuel in order to maintain a heating regime. The awareness will sensitize the attendants about the affecting factors of fuel poverty, which includes the property energy efficiency, the cost of energy and the income of the household. The awareness campaign will receive government aid; DECC, which is responsible for providing coordination of activities on fuel poverty across different government departments. The warm Front helps in the eradication of fuel property by 2016. In all these, the government has had to spend £25billion on 2million households since 2000. The other government aids include the future schemes, the green deal for energy efficient loans, and the warm home discounts for discounted energy bills (Boardman 2010).



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The awareness campaign targets the low-income people, which include the older people, who love to spend more time in front of the TV, the disabled people by visiting them during day time in their centers. The awareness also targets the young families who use public transport, this is done by advertisements. The blacks and ethnic minorities are also the targets, and this is by using ethnic media and by interviews. The whole awareness campaign will cost £25,000; newspapers will cost £40000, radio will cost £50,000, TV commercial will cost £100,000 and subway or bus billboards will cost £30,000. Other costs include the celebrity events, which will cost £20,000 and celebrity endorsement for £10,000.

Performance Measure

The realization of success is the awareness campaign event running smoothly. The event will be successful when the event runs smoothly. In addition, the target audience become aware of the existence of Home Heat Helpline and the services they provide. This is by measuring the awareness of the Home Heat helpline services by the audience before the awareness campaign takes place, and then measuring it again after the completion of the awareness campaign. The people conducting the measurement must use the same parameters, same survey instruments and the same questions before and after the awareness campaign. Such measurements can include asking people how they have heard the helpline for instance trough TV, Press, awareness events, among other channels. The other ways of measuring success are by following the audience when they engage and interact about the helpline services, through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and even YouTube. The other way is by evaluating the helpline services penetration through share of voice and sentiments. Influence also is a way of measuring the success of the awareness campaign, and this is through inspiring the audience to be aware of the services the heat home helpline offers (Healy 2004).


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