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According to Bystritsky & Sullivan (2010), patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders show increased disability, decreased functioning and decreased well being when compared to those not diagnosed. The increased disabilities manifest themselves in various ways including lack of desire to perform some activities, interference of performance as well as avoidance to perform activities. Also, with the exception of physical function, all other measures of functioning of the sample showed a substantial impairment when compared with the general population norms. In addition, they also found that, as the number of anxiety co-morbidities increase, functioning and preferences for health states decrease as disability and limitations of activity increase. Their findings are consistent with those of other related studies. Other similar studies have shown that, patients diagnosed with anxiety have exhibited increased disability and poor health outcomes when compared to non-anxious individuals.

Buckner, Heimberg, Schmidt, (2011) in their findings mentioned that, in social situations, people with elevated anxiety may use substances like marijuana in order to reduce it. This hypothesis is consistent with the tension reduction models. Most anxious people using substances like marijuana, fail to understand that, such habits are considered as substance abuse rather than as safety behaviour. In the short term, use of marijuana reduces levels of anxiety, but tends to exacerbate it in the long run. This is because, in the long run, use of marijuana ruminates potential social repercussions like failure to habituate to anxiety as a result of not attending such social situations. Attending social functions gives the patient an opportunity to obtain the information required to disconfirm negative thoughts that maintain social anxiety.

According to an article by Harvard Medical School (2011), most factors that stimulate anxiety are found around us. When people turn on a television, chances of experiencing a barrage of anxiety-provoking news also increases. Examples of such anxiety-provoking news include news about a sagging economy, international political conflicts and natural disasters. The anxiety experienced from such news is added to what people experience when dealing with their own personal worries regarding job and health. These factors lead to an excessive worry and anxiety that is hard to control resulting to serious distress or interference of daily activities. Such distress is manifested through restlessness or feeling on edge, irritability, tiring easily, and muscle tension.


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