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In trying to explain the meaning of a common noun, four patterns are engaged. They include; lexical, history, etymology and illustration. Lexical refers to the dictionarydefinition of the noun. Etymology as a pattern attempts to identify the origin of nouns, and how their form and meaning have evolved over time. Illustration definition of nouns attempts to display visualization form by creating a mental image of what is being referred to. Historical definitions try to come up with origin of words. This article intends to provide the reader with knowledge on the definition of a car. The basis of classifying a car is discussed at length. By the end of the article, it is hoped that the reader will be able to appreciate and understand the extended definition of a car.

The lexical definition of a car is the meaning of the car in common usage. It is also referred to as the dictionarydefinition of a car. A lexical definition of a car is characteristically the type that is expected from a definition request, and it is normally expected the definition will be stated in the simplest way possible in order to convey information to the widest audience (Hoey, 2005, p 3). Sometimes the lexical definition of cars is considered vague. For example, a ‘BMW’ being referred to as a ‘car’, or a person parking his car in a parking lot and gets hit by another car will ask ‘who hit me? ‘. In the real sense, the car is the one that has been hit. Lexical definition changes according to the intended meaning.

Etymological definition attempts to identify the origin of cars, and how their form and meaning have evolved over time. Etymologists use numerous methods to study the origins of word. Derivation of the word car comes from a Latin word carrus. Carrus is a light wagon. A car originally was referred to as a war chariot that was two wheeled. It is said to have evolved from words like cart, carriage and wagon. Later on people started referring to the chariots or carts as automobiles as they became very useful in transportation. (Strode,2008, p.42).

Illustration definition of a car attempts to display visualization form by creating a mental image of what is being referred to. They dictate and elucidate sensual information. It is commonly used by creative writers and novelist to paint a mental picture for their readers of the story they are trying to convey. A car is has various parts such as the engine system and the power train which works hand in hand with the engine. It also has the braking system as well as the steering system which helps in controlling movement of the car. Other crucial parts of a car include the electrical system for lighting and other electrical transmission within the car. Finally, there is the exhaust system for removal of burnt gases after combustion in the engine.

Historical definition of cars attempts to search for meaningful origins of cars far older than the modern understanding of linguistic evolution and the relationships of different languages (Clark and Jackson,2003, p.102). Cars in the ancient were built through a series of upgrading the previous versions. The first creation was referred to as a self propelled vehicle since it was powered by steam. The old model of a car initially was two wheeled and resembled what we call today a cart. A model that was developed later was a three wheeled and the final invention was a four wheeled. Today we usually use the four wheeled model and it’s what we refer to as a car. At this stage they could not refer to the machines as cars but as locomotives. Another make that was developed later on was referred to as an internal combustion powered engine. After a series of new inventions, a four stroke engine was developed and it is the one that is usually referred to as a modern car today.


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