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The advert for Alienware gaming desktop is intricately designed through incorporation of appealing graphics and catchy phrases to arouse curiosity. This is quite a good strategy of the advert since bright colors that are spruced up with eye catching graphics and words will get the attention of everyone going through the magazine within which it is put. Its claim that it can handle anything in terms of playing games is quite an extraordinary claim since, in the world of gaming, some games are only played at specified machines. From this claim alone, a reader will be curious to peruse through the details to satisfy curiosity as to why such a big claim is made. Besides these words, the advert forms a matrix that infuses colorful graphics with words which is done with expertise with an aim of supporting the overall claim.  

The graphics in the advert are projected in a three dimension perspective which creates an ambience of power. A close scrutiny reveals that on one side of the advert there is the CPU (central processing unit) that is generating the power which is projected in a monitor nearby with an alien like creature protruding. These graphics are simply breathtaking and communicate the ability of the desktop without necessarily using words. However, to compound the effect created by the advert, catchy words are added both on the monitor and at the bottom of the CPU.

The words talk about conquering all the problems associated with power which is actually shown by power that overshoots from the monitor into space. Essentially, aliens are thought to exist in outer space which is created in the advert. The background of the advert resembles a galaxy where aliens are thought to live which creates the impression of technology inspiration from other galaxies.

The inclusion of this advert in a technology magazine may seem odd but that is exactly what it was targeting in the first place. Although the magazine is essentially for computers and laptops meant for business and not for pleasure, the advert is more likely to be outstanding and attract many people as opposed to being in normal gaming magazines. Ironically, it is those same technology savvy people that are best placed to analyze the optimal performance of the desktop. Besides using its graphics for attraction, those people that are shopping for work and business computers will be interested to know why such an odd advert is included in the magazine. In the end, more people will read the advert which will lead to the goal and purpose of the advert being achieved which is to reach many people.

The advert for Alienware gaming desktop is intricately designed through incorporation of appealing graphics and catchy phrases to arouse curiosity. Design of any advert is the key to appealing to the intended audience which in this case is young people that are technology savvy. In this particular advert, there is a matrix that is specially created by the choice colors, graphics, and wordings to create a three dimension illusion. This illusion expresses the theme of the advert without being overly wordy which makes it to be outstanding. To crown the effectiveness of the advert, it is put in a technology magazine which attracts even more readers who would want to know the specification of this new gaming machine. All these aspects helps in easily convincing potential customers that indeed they are purchasing a high quality product that would indeed help complete the intended tasks efficiently. Customers already patronizing the company’s products become more entrenched in the customer base and therefore aid in increasing overall revenues.


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