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Free «Should Felons be Allowed to Vote» Essay Sample

Article One: Should felons be allowed to vote? by Julie Delcour

According to this article, felons should be given the rights to vote. It argues that in some countries, felon’s voting rights are normally withheld whilst they are behind bars but restored immediately after they are released. However, it purports that whether a felon is given back the voting rights depends on the magnitude of their offences. Moreover, it asserts that felons may even vote while they are serving their sentences but this depends on the state’s set of laws. For instance, in the US, some states never give back the voting rights to felons even after they are released from prison since they may not be fair in voting. In general, this article supports my idea that felons should be allowed to vote since putting them prisons is a way of rehabilitating them.

Article Two: An Examination of the 2000 Presidential Election by Brian Fife and Geralyn Miller.

According to this article, there have been numerous outcries from human rights activists against the disenfranchisement of ex-felons in many American states. Some states like Florida are said to have barred felons permanently from getting involved in any voting activities. However, voting rights advocates argue that once felons are through with their sentences, their voting rights should be reinstated. This article holds up my argument that felons should be allowed to vote since serving sentences is usually a way of getting their characters back on track, to suit community requirements.



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Article Three: Voting and subsequent Crime and Arrest: Evidence from a Community sample byChristopher Uggen and Jeff Manza.

According to this article, the number of people released from prison is usually high each year. Many of these people leaving prison have positive motives to leave their past behind and begin a new life. The article claims that involving these people in community activities such as voting helps them in their rehabilitation quest. It is further stated that some people argue that felons should not be allowed to vote since they may be cunning in their nature. In this sense, they may vote leaders who tend to be interested in their deviance. However, no all felons are untrustworthy in character and therefore, generalizing all of them and denying all of them their voting rights after serving their sentence is unjustified. 

Article Four: Poll: Should Felons Be Allowed To Vote After Serving Their Sentences by Alyse Shorland.

This article purports that felons should be allowed to regain voting rights claiming that the act of felony disenfranchisement unnecessarily affects some people. It claims that various states have eased their voting restrictions regarding felons. Even though some states regard them as untrustworthy, many states are said to give back voting rights to felons after completing their sentences. This article backs my argument that felons should be allowed to vote because it asserts that some habits like felony disenfranchisements are too harsh and should not be practiced.

Article Five: Should Felons Be Allowed To Vote?  By Edward Feser

This article informs that many of the states in the US prevent felons from voting. While, some states only disallow the present inmates, others ban felons for life. It argues that there have been pursuits from various political organizations especially the Democrats to have felons enfranchised and allowed to vote just like any other citizens. They claim that denying felons their voting rights is quite atrocious and is similar to punishing them twice for the same offence. Their views support my point that felons should be given a chance to participate in voting.

In conclusion, all the articles support the argument that felons should be allowed to vote. According to some, felons may even vote while in prison while others argue that they can only vote after serving their sentences. It is clear that getting felons to prison is usually a way of rehabilitating them, making them worth people to the society and therefore they should be allowed to vote at least after serving.


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