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Chinese restaurants are popularly known to be among the best restaurants producing a variety of takeaway food. Some of the popular takeaway food offered in Chinese restaurants include: burgers, chips, fried chicken, Chinese rolls, spaghetti, and pizza among others. There have been several hot debates about the difference between the traditional Chinese food and the takeaway offered in restaurants.

Research points out that traditional Chinese food is healthier than the takeaway in Chinese restaurants. Most of the traditional Chinese food is steamed and lightly fried. Little oil is used to prepare these dishes, and this makes them healthy for consumption as they are low in fats. However, takeaway in Chinese restaurants have been severally blamed for obesity cases, especially among the high-class Chinese population. This is because it is claimed that most Chinese restaurants’ takeaways contain large quantities of fats and have many calories.

Just as is the case with many restaurants, Chinese restaurants decorate their takeaway food in order to appear attractive to the customers. Restaurants mix many flavors to bring out a tantalizing taste that will retain and attract even more customers. For instance, let us take a look at pizza, one of the most popular takeaway dishes offered almost in every Chinese restaurant.

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Pizza is also commonly known as a scallion pancake. Many of the American restaurants sell Chinese pizza. However, it is argued that they only coat the pizza with the name “Chinese”, so as to attract customers. This is because the Chinese pizza, which is also offered in many Chinese hotels, has high quantities of fats, and many calories in comparison with the traditional Chinese pizza, tujia shaobing. Chinese restaurant pizza comes in different flavors. The flavor is mostly determined by the pizza toppings.

Despite the criticism of Chinese takeaway food, there are some Chinese restaurants that are known to prepare healthy takeaway dishes. However, the problem is how to locate any of these restaurants. These restaurants prepare takeaway food traditionally, using the ingredients proportionally. It is argued that such food is low in fats, and this explains the reason why so many traditional Chinese people are slim.

However, most people prefer tasty food without considering its fat quantity and number of calories. Therefore, many of the Chinese restaurants make efforts in order to make their takeaway food look attractive and become tastier. They, however, do not seek the ways to reduce the amount of fats and calories that are contained in the food. This explains the many complaints about obesity and weight related issues, especially in China.

Because of such complaints many Chinese restaurants and takeaway shops have come up with new ways of making their fast food and other deliveries become healthier. One of these ways is coming up with a menu of side dishes that can be taken along with these “unhealthy” takeaways. Because many people cannot do away with the tasty takeaway food in these restaurants, they have been offered with a variety of traditionally cooked, low-fat dishes that they take as the accompaniment to the takeaway. These accompaniments will bring the balance cutting down the fats and calories in the takeaway food.

As people are becoming more aware of the health dangers related to Chinese restaurant takeaway food, they are shifting their needs to low-fat foods with fewer calories. As a result, many restaurants have shifted from high fats to low fats takeaway foods. It is argued that if Chinese and other restaurants adopt this kind of trend, unhealthy takeaway with high quantities of fats and calorie content will be a forgotten issue.


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