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Free «The Process of Thanksgiving Day» Essay Sample


Thanks giving day is a holiday that is specially organized in honor of a specific person (s) in an express show of appreciation for a role played or an act of honor by the latter (Armstrong 10). This morning on the eve of charismas day my dad told it to me that the rest of my family members and I had a cruise to embark on the following day. I had to wait until noon in the real day to know that the surprise holiday was meant to be a thanks giving day as a show of my appreciation for my heroic act. This write up therefore presents the process of a thanks giving day.  

The day before the thanks giving day

Just like the idea of Armstrong (11), the day had been preceded by extensive shopping in preparation on its eve. Although my parents had not disclosed the purpose the unusually magnificent shopping and receiving of confirmation calls coupled with confirmation of the authenticity of traveling arrangement revealed a lot. I had precipitated in the shopping unknown to me that I was the master of the ceremony and indeed the focus of the event.  



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The thanks giving day

Unlike a normal thanks giving day that is hosted within the vicinity of our dwelling unit, this particular one scheduled to take place at san Diego beach resort, about fifty miles south east coast of our home town and roughly a 3 hours cruise by boat. Consequently, my family (i.e. my father, mum, & my other sister) and I spent the early hours of the day cruising in the “heroes” a colorful boat my dad had contracted from the Francisco’s and whose name I later learnt was artfully chosen to match the occasion.

The arrival to the San Diego

At around 11am on Christmas day ten minutes before the scheduled time, the “heroes” docked at the harbor of which formed the entry to the resort. We were subjected to a colorful reception by a contracted crew, and a band, entertained for five minutes with the band singing a song that was purposeful composed in my praise and that of the sister I had saved a year earlier. Then we were led to the venue where to my surprise my name was scripted all over and a few of my family friends and relatives were already seated. The master of ceremony rose to define the purpose of the day. I was surprised.  A specially prepared dinner was then served until every visitor ate to their full enjoyment.

The thanks giving session

In this session each guest preceded by the visitors rose to shower me with thanks and praises and presenting gifts. My dad and mum were the last in the protocol and thanked me immensely for what I had done; saving the life of my sister. It was my turn to give thanks and I thanked my parents for their love and appreciation and my sister too for being the best sister in the world. After the occasion, we were not to return home until the day after Boxing Day for dad had organized for our stay in the resort with my family members and any guests who wished to stay until then.


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