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Dr. Neal E. Miller was born on the 3rd of august 1909 in Milwaukee in the United States of America. He was son to Lily R. Miller and Irving E. He passed on in 1997. He taught at Rockefeller University and Yale University for years (Robert, 1993). He was an experimental psychologist who was interested in understanding how the brain affects the behavior of an organism and conducted an exceptional experiment on biofeedback.

After his ground breaking research on biofeedback, Dr. Miller argued that it is possible for one to control the autonomic nervous system through training the one controls the voluntary nervous system. He argued that an individual can learn to control their bowel contractions and pulse rate as they learn to play football (Robbins, 2000).

Biofeedback is being employed in the treatment of different medical conditions ranging from high blood pressure, migraines and epilepsy. The work by Miller has contributed greatly to the understanding of the motivation and behavior and is the basis or foundation for modern day neuroscience (Vinacke, 1957). Miller’s on biofeedback led to great interest in research in the field of behavioral medicine and other related fields. Later biofeedback was officially recognized as an alternative medicine by the medical fraternity and is employed in the treatment of different medical complications. Some of these complications include ADHD, epilepsy, hypertension and other complications (Robbins, 2000).

The annual Neal Miller Distinguished Lecture was established by scientific affairs board in honor of Miller in 1993. This is supposed to be presented at every American Psychological Association convention and was devoted to neuroscience and for research based on animals. Neal E. Miller New Investigator Award was established in his honor by the Behavioral Medicine Research Academy (Robbins, 2000).


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