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Sexual orientation is a pattern of an attraction to the person of the opposite sex or the same sex or both. Not all people are accustomed to a phenomenon of homosexuality yet. Some of them think that it is strange and impracticable to have an attraction to a person of the same sex. Other people think that there is nothing unusual and people may be with and love whom they would like to. In this research, we would concentrate on the sexual orientation in military services and the article House Passes “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” Repeal Amendment, Senate Bill Advances by J. Davis would be used as a background.

According to the federal law “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” that was ended on September 20, 2011, gays and lesbians who do not divulge their sexual orientation can go to the Army. The first addition of this law was made in 1993. Commanders were forbidden to ask about sexual orientation of subordinates, but they were allowed to exempt them from military service if they had noticed that those were homosexuals. During 17 years of the operation of statute, nearly 13 thousand people were discharged from military service because of their sexual orientation. This repeal of the law will allow homosexuals go to the military and without derogation from their dignity and rights serve the country in which they live. However, a lot of people were against this repeal, because they think that gays cannot serve in the Army because of their orientation. At the same time, nearly 70 % of soldiers were not against enacting this law.

To my mind, the US government made a right choice by repealing this law, because every person has a right to go and serve in the Army and protect his or her native country. Homosexuals are an ordinary people and also should have a right to go to the military. Furthermore, a lot of gays say that the sense of duty to stick up for their motherland is on the first place for them, and only later they may think about their sexual orientation.


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