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Disability is a mental or physical state, which means that person cannot learn something properly or use a part of the body completely or without any problems.  A lot of cases of learning disabilities become spread in present days. In this paper, we would examine learning disabilities. This research is based on the article Learning Disabilities (LD) written by the NationalDisseminationCenter for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) (Learning Disability (LD), 2011). 

Learning disability is a general term that is used to describe peculiar types of learning problems. A person can have troubles with learning and using some skills. The skills, that often incur influence, are speaking, reading, listening, and writing. A girl Sara who has a learning disability with reading and writing can be shown as an example (Learning Disability (LD), 2011). Parents did not notice that their daughter has such a disability until she could not learn how to read and write at school. After an evaluation, Sara started getting help in school and, as a result, she made a great progress.  

Each person may have different learning disabilities; the only problem is that there is no exact treatment to cure it at one moment. However, people may work on it successfully with the help of specialists. If parents notice that their child has learning disabilities, they should contact states parent training and school who knows how to work with such children. Besides, parents should teach themselves how to take care for the child with such a disability. Furthermore, there are many organizations, which are focused on this problem.

There are a lot of people with learning disabilities in the United States.  As far as I am concerned, there are many organizations, which help to deal with this disability. The article Learning Disability gives a lot of useful information about how to behave in this situation and gives good tips for teachers and parents.


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