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At all times nature has served man, being the source of his life. For a long period of time people used to live in harmony with nature thinking that natural resources would exist for ever, that they are unlimited. But the practice and current situation in the world show that it is not true. At first sight, our generation has everything for comfortable existence, has many opportunities to develop the abilities of the people, but it is money that the modern man places above all else and the problem of earning money. People either work or relax nowadays. But they do not realize that their work can cause some harm for others (and very often for themselves as well). The society, the people damage the nature and natural resources. Everyone seems to be so intelligent now, but at the same time they are so unwise, thinking about the present but forgetting about the future. Everything has the end, but this end is in the hands of society, and only common sense can prevent it.

In his book Collapse Jared Diamond describes the burning problem of the natural environment. The main idea of this book is that people have an opportunity to choose to succeed or fail. What does the word collapse mean? The first and the main meaning of this word is destruction. People and the society at large destruct everything that stands in their way. Diamond considers the society to be engaged in self-destruction on five points: habitat destruction, climate change, the feud with neighbors, the loss of relationship with friendly trading partners and the attitude towards the environment. The first four factors may be relevant or not, but the last, the fifth factor is always important. All these problems are clearly stated in the chapter 3 of his book Collapse. Many people lived at the Pitcairn and Henderson islands, but they did not have anything to eat, they had too little food and it led to cannibalism. The people of Mangareva society had to help each other and that is why they established trade relations between the islands, they exchanged some products and this helped them to live and survive. But when their trade relations came to the end, people began to die and this also led to the political and economical chaos. The people of Mangareva society enjoyed the gifts of the nature without any thoughts that they can run out in a moment. The people of Pitcairn and Henderson islands suffered from the environmental damage, but the collapse of their trade partner was the final blow for them. The whole book touches upon very serious problems and the author describes them giving the comparison of the past and the present.

The destruction of the land, air, and water is a very important problem of our civilization. Not only can it result in disappearance of every living thing on earth, but it also causes such problems as ozone depletion, overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, acid rains, global warming and so on. These are the main and the most important problems, but there exist many other problems that are not less important, for example, the disappearance of some animal species, insects, and plants for ever, the absence of fresh air, the rise of different diseases that cannot be cured, or can be cured only if a person has a lot of money.

In his book Diamond presents tragic scenarios when people persistently destroy their own living conditions until the death of civilization together with the majority of the world population, and also optimistic, sometimes happy scenarios. We live in a modern society and our final is open.

On the one hand, history is subordinated to some natural laws (related to climate, soil fertility, minerals), but on the other hand, people are able to control their destiny. They should not forget about all these problems and live in their own world taking no notice of such bad state of the society, world, and nature. We live on the Earth together, and damage our nature together and still think that all these problems should be resolved by the government only, or some unknown person, or they will resolve themselves. Thinking only about material things we forget that everything has its own price and we have to pay for everything. Nowadays we begin to pay for our carelessness, but the price for it is very high. We pay with our health, with the disappearance of certain animals, plants. Of course we may do nothing and wait till every living thing dies. But do we want it? The global environmental crisis is already so close and the disastrous consequences of it are almost inevitable, but people can alleviate it. The mitigation of this problem can be reached only if there is a mass of well-educated people in the world who clearly understand the problem and can impact on public opinion. The only question is to succeed or fail. And the answer depends on us. Now people have choice and this choice is in our hands.


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