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Free «Types of English Houses» Essay Sample

In England, majority of the population resides in urban areas. Cities have spread because of the increasing population. Almost two thirds of the people in England have either already bought or processing to buy their own houses. The following types of houses are found in England:

  • Bungalows
  • Cottages
  • Detached Houses
  • End of Terrace
  • Apartments
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Terrace Houses


Bungalows are a simpler type of houses that cost less than cottages. The design of bungalows is influenced by Bengali-style houses which were built when the typical Indian style low ceilings and porches were copied by British Colonial administrators.


Cottages are comparatively expensive and are characterized particularly by thatched roofs. They have small windows and lower ceilings as compared to other types of houses. Earlier, cottages used to be in rural areas only but now many are seen in cities as well. Farmers and their families used to own cottages in the middle ages. Most of the cottages have one and a half storeys, the upper storey being very small. Cottages have thick, dark and classic timber pillars which make them distinct. Different kinds of cottages are built in different cities.



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It is the kind of a house that stands single, not sharing any walls with other structures. Since they are isolated, they are expensive as compared to other kinds of houses.

End of Terrace

This type of house is found at the end of a terrace and only one wall of the house is shared with another structure.


Apartments are the kind of multiple living parts for different families located in a single building

Semi-detached houses

They are a pair of houses, sharing one wall but the other walls of both the houses are detached.


Terrace houses are located in a long row of houses, looking alike because their structure is the same. Two walls of every house are shared with other houses.

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