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In the yester years, there was a very clear distinction between the gender roles in all communities in the world. This was also well stipulated in religious books where men and women were supposed to clearly understand their roles and to strictly adhere to them. It was considered inappropriate to engage in activities that belonged to the other gender. Men, for example were considered to be superior to women and this concept was universally accepted by many communities as well as women themselves who treated men as superior people and this was also coupled with respect that they were accorded. This culture is currently getting eroded and the pats way of living is getting eroded at a very high rate which is causing gender norm violation. This aspect is currently experienced by most of societies and communities across thee globe, though some communities are still upholding their gender norms. With increase in population as well as the enhanced survival for the fittest principle, societies are finding it difficult to uphold the gender norms however much they would like to have them. Other factors that have for sure affected the operability of gender norms as they are supposed to be is the hard economic situations that are forcing the world populace to employ all means at their disposal to earn a living. Education and civilization have seen the increased trend that is making it difficult to operate within what societies used to believe in, and these trends are projected to increase violating the gender norms and it is projected that in the next few decades, most of gender norms including biological ones like giving birth will experience the violation which will seriously erode social cultural among other practiced way of living across communities of the world. Men and women have established laws in the advocacy of human rights. What used to be acceptable in the society is turning out to be a bleach of human rights and with time, societal norms will no longer have a place in the society. This paper will thus have an in-depth look at how gender norms are violated as well as what such violation will impact to the society.



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Gender is a term that is used to refer to many characteristics that range from ones maleness or femaleness and extends further to distinguish between biological sex, social roles, gender roles to mention but just a few. In social sciences context, gender is used to describe those attributes that a selected society tags to men or women and feels that they best suit the particular group of people. They range from behavior, roles, attributes, as well as activities among others. Gender norm on the other side, is a term that is used to describe the perceived and accepted behavioral roles and norms in a given society.

Men and women have been considered to continuously and intentionally aid in violation of gender norms. This means, women have started doing those tasks that were meant to be done by men, and behaviorally, they have started exhibiting those that were to be exhibited by men and vice versa. This trend is currently experience universally where men and women have forgotten their roles and there is no clear cut of which roles belongs to which group. As a result, there is a lot of conflict of interest since all the groups are competing for the scarce roles, making societies lose their identities (Bernard, 2005).

In many societies, there exists a clear distinction of sex role and members are expected to understand their roles. This is one area that some men and women have violated by having sex with the same partners. All over the world, societies knew sex could only exist between male and female. Homosexuality and lesbianism was unheard of. Currently, this habit is spreading to most of the countries to an extent of such groups coming out openly and even getting married to one another. This is a form of social degradation. As indicated by John, (2008), this behavior if not counteracted will interfere with so many social settings. He further notes this behavior can lead to decreased population if most people resort to these norms which do not belong to them. This people can only adopt children and research has shown that they may not be better placed to provide ideal parental love to the children that they adopt (John,2006).

The ever increasing population has made people to extend their methods of adapting to demanding living conditions is making men and women to interchange their social responsibilities. Parenting is very important and it gives a bearing of the future generation. With the current trend, it is evident that women are getting employed and as a result, when the other spouse is not employed, the likely hood is that the man will assume the duties of looking up at the children as the wife goes to work. The man is also likely to do other house hold responsibilities which previously were done by women. The effect of such trend is children growing without parental love of one spouse more so when the partner works far and can not on daily basis be able to go back home. Such gender violations will make the kids grow thinking whatever they find their father doing as the acceptable social norms and they are likely to extend and do the same once they grow up. This means within no time, all what was thought to be the social norms will be lost and the future world populace will have no idea of what social norms and gender norms are (Shelly, 2003).

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In the past, men were considered to be the only people who could do formal work like employment. This trend has changed with more rules being established to make sure women are given opportunities to have employment. Some countries have even gone further to dictate the percentage of women that should be employed in formal sector. In Kenya, 30% of all people who get government employment should be women. This is a gender norm that is getting eroded since in some tribes in the same country, they up to now believe women should not be employed but rather stay at home to give birth and look after the children. One of such community is Maasai and Pokot who value the boy child to an extent of educating boys and leaving out girls (Karimi, 2008).

It is important to understand that different societies have different gender norms since they are derived from mutual understanding on what they perceive right. Women participation in sports has increased. This has seen the birth of a new culture where those sports that were considered to be for male only are now being performed by females. A good example is wrestling and soccer which was male dominated. Though women have started participating in them, it is important to first understand the body morphology of males and females and do an in-depth research of impacts that it can have to a given gender. Research has shown that excessive exercise by women can cause athletic amenorrhea which is associated with osteoporosis and heart disease.

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In summary, there has been a lot of change all over the world on gender norms. Some are beneficial to the community whereas others have detrimental effects to the same society. It is therefore upon communities to embrace those that are of benefit and discard those that will have negative long-lasting effect to the society.


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