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Free «Uniforms for School» Essay Sample

Uniforms for School

School uniform is a regular type of clothing for students during their time at school and at official school activities outside the school. The largest European country where there is a school uniform is the UK. In the UK, the school uniform is still popular and indispensable feature for the students of the British schools. Boy and girl uniforms consist of the different elements of clothing that make the contrast between genders. How many arguments and different opinions are there around school uniforms? Some believe that the school uniform is necessary. Others have the opinion that it harms the harmonious development of the individual. However, it is obvious that arguments for wearing school uniforms provide evidence of the benefits for the learners. School uniforms can provide a discipline, escape the competition among learners, stop the judgment of how students look and increase the security within the school area.   

In some countries, there are school uniforms that are standard for all schools. In some cases, it could be the option that each school has a little different detail in the design or making use of specific badges. However, there are many schools that do not provide for their learners the rule to wear a school uniform. The usefulness of the school uniform has been an issue for a debate for a long time. There are different opinions about how school uniform can improve the academic performance or not. Many parents under different reasons do not want to see their children wearing school uniforms. However, there are several strong arguments that protect the decisions of wearing uniforms for school.

First of all, the school uniform could escape the judgment on how students look. Some could argue that no matter how students dress , they will always find the way to judge each other. Students may find another way to make fun pf their peers, like discussing each others’ hair style or color, height, weight, accessories, etc. However, the introduction of the school uniforms into youth society would definitely increase the equality in the schools. It is usually so, that students whose parents are not rich could not feel themselves comfortable among other kids in the class. The school uniform would decrease bulling. There will be no strong division between poor and rich students. It would help students to better communicate with each other. The school uniform eliminates the possibility of competition between students’ clothing styles. It significantly reduces the visual difference between students from families of different financial conditions.   

School uniforms, as well as any uniforms, discipline, leading to cohesion, promote development in the students and a sense of community. It integrates the idea that they should work as a one team and achieve goals together. The rule to wear school uniform is more likely to combine students into one, then separate into several divisions. The school uniform highlights to what school the students belong. “When a student wears a shirt with the school's symbol, everyone knows where the student studies, a thing which may help to create a feeling of belonging and school pride” (McCall). The single standard of the school uniform, if the decision is taken at the state level, ensures that the clothing of students will meet sanitary requirements and adversely affect their health. If the policy of the country or particular region is provided with a single school uniform, it could reduce the cost of the production. It will maintain low prices which is essential for poor families. “One of the most profound benefits of having schools uniforms is that they are highly cost effective and relieve the parents from the burden of buying fashionable and expensive clothes every now and then” (McCall). Some could argue that the same clothing style for all learners of the educational facility would destroy the individuality of each student. However, it is a good way to distract the learners from their individuality in appearance and direct students on the educational process.

One of the main reasons to wear the school uniform is the safety of the students. Practice shows that it often happens that students come from other schools to cause trouble.  The school uniform could solve this problem, as an outsider would be distinguished by the different clothing style. It would be easier for school authority to keep alien students away from school. Some could tell that it is not hard to borrow uniforms from friends. However, it is not that obvious as it seems. Nobody would like to share their clothes for such purpose.

There are several arguments against wearing school uniform at educational facilities. The uniform deprives students the opportunity to express their individuality in clothing; the requirement to wear the form is in itself a form of violence against the person; for example, the school uniform could be too expensive for poor families, etc. However, if we take a closer look at all these arguments, we will see that many of them are exaggerated. The solution for the school to have a school uniform for their students is better option in creating unity and escaping safety problems. “Uniforms would promote school unity, lessen the economic and social barriers between students and reduce peer pressure over trendy clothes” (Marko). The proper clothing style will help for students to focus on the educational process and show better academic performance. 


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