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Basically speaking, United Nations comprises of immigrants. The US demographic population is composed of native as well as a large scope of immigrants originally from Europe and Asian countries. Before 1965, most of the US immigrants were from European countries but this trend changed whereby there were more Asian immigrants than of any other nationality hence forth.Before 1882, there were no legal limitations for immigration in US. However the mobility of Asians to US was negligible due to the fact that the means of transport that was available was sailing ships which were cumbersome and very slow.

However, in 1882 there was establishment of Chinese exclusion Act that kept Asian immigrants at bay. This was because the US government argued that they were unskilled consumers who never contributed to the economy of US. In 1917 there was adoption of Literacy Test that had to be admitted to immigrants. This policy saw European immigrants sail through smoothly since some were more learned than Native Americans. However this law blocked the Asians who by now had no access to US. In 1920 there was establishment of quota act and national origin act which were parallel to the number of immigrants present in US from different countries. Nevertheless Asian countries were assigned very small figure despite having the lowest immigrants. People from Western hemisphere migrated in large masses. All these limitations on Asian immigrants were commensurate to the US culture and policies that permitted and encouraged racialism.

After World War II, the US government emerged as world's super power. This placed immediate demands on the US government. Consequently, it had to modify some of its policies including immigration laws to more liberal ones. President Kennedy made policies that made the world view capitalism philosophy being more superior as compared to that of communist opponents in promotion of interdependence, freedom and democracy. Thus, in mid 1960s, the US government came up with immigration and Nationality act which gave equal opportunities to all people regardless of their nationality. This paved a great deal way for the Asian immigrants who had been barred before then. This new law gave priority to family members with immigrants in US. Thus US government expected low turn out of Asian immigrants since very few relatives living in US and more of European immigrants as they had large masses already settled in US. However the outcome was different. The number of European immigrants declined because a majority had already migrated. Still, the European countries were experiencing post war economic boom. Therefore there was no need for them to migrate since they were contented with the amenities they received in their countries.On the other hand, the eastern hemisphere countries saw this as an open opportunity to settle in US. The Asian American and Asian immigrants utilized the family unification provision in immigration policy. Later, they engaged in sponsorship of their Asian relatives who came to US and applied for permanent residence and later apply for citizenship. This cycle of immigration and sponsorship chain continued that led to vast growth of Asian American in US.

This has led to infiltration of both US and Asian countries with enriched culture and economic proliferation due to mutual interaction.


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