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Free «Capital Punishment Summary» Essay Sample

The means of apprehending criminals and bringing them to justice will forever continue to generate heated debate among members of the public. As crime rate continues to increase, and continued lack of practical substitute ways to solve crime trend. Whatever the crime, the society must live towards prospects of in human ways of upholding justice. And I am convinced the society will find better means of punishment. An ultimate agreement on the way forward will see an end to capital punishment practice in various states. It is evident that countries that practice severe punishing such as Singapore, the rate of offences is lesser as compared to states that are lenient in punishing offenders such as Britain. For this reason, embracing Singapore approach might, as well, be adopted by states that have a record of soaring crime rates. In my view, supporters of capital punishment are mostly driven not by pleasurable reasons, but by the feeling of anguish and fact that the state is not able to contain crime. State commitment to protecting lives in the society will in the long run change public opinion on capital punishment. People will advocate for more just and effective ways of convicting criminals. The continuing practice being witnessed in the society where people are reluctant or act sluggishly on young convicts continues to pose as risk to safety of the society. If capital punishment was implemented, it would mean that the society will be subjecting juvenile offenders to death row without giving them a chance to reform. Therefore, this means that killing convicts must be the least and final resort to punish offenders. Discipline must be established from bottom up through encouraging reformatory practices among minors in the society. As a result, a new age bracket of disciplined persons will be born in the entire society.


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