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Free «Issues in Criminal Justice» Essay Sample

Most people would generally agree that criminal justice faces literally herculean issues. According to some estimates, more than two millions of Americans are in prisons right now. The stark reality indicates that the USA is on the first place by annual number of prisoners from all over the world. Criminal justice in this country has serious issues such as:

1. Prison crowding:

a) Infringements of human rights may cause violence among prisoners;

b) Inappropriate facilities will hinder satisfaction of basic needs;

c) There may arise racist and fanatic associations;

d) Spreading of diseases can reach its peak and acute conditions.

2. Mental illness:

a) It leads to the evolution of mental disorders: schizophrenia and major depression;

b) Prisoner may have a psychological breakdown;

c) Offender may feel great fear and abhorrence towards the whole society;

d) Nervous breakdown may lead to suicide.

3. Alternative drug sentences:

a) Prisoner may have a strong drug addiction;

b) Offender can suffer from serious diseases, such as viral infections, AIDS and HIV;

c) The need for drugs can lead to withdrawal pains, nervous breakdown and suicide.

d) Person can be imprisoned for life.

4. Immigration:

a) Person can be deported for several years or forever;



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b) Person can be imprisoned;

c) Person can have strong psychological breakdown;

d) Person can be denied entry to certain countries where he/she was deported from.

5. Medical marijuana:

a) Person has broken the law and will have serious legal problems;

b) Person can have a strong addiction to drugs;

c) Person can have dangerous disorders, such as viral infections, AIDS and HIV;

d) Person can be sentenced to imprisonment.

6. Capital punishment:

a) Lethal injections assume prisoner’s resulting from administering of a special drug;

b) Gas chamber is the most terrifying death penalty used in several states in the USA;

c) The electric chair can make prisoner’s body heat up to high temperatures;

d) Hanging is the fastest way of execution.

7. Prison reform:

a) It will lead to the total melioration of the system of justice;

b) It will reestablish the entire development process of punishment;

c) It will secure inviolability of Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen;

d) It will reorganize the system of behavior for prisoners and civil servants.

To conclude, the criminal justice in the US is enduring a tremendous crisis. In this case, the US government should establish a fully-fledged theory in order to surmount difficulties in treating prisoners. A good healthcare system, high-qualified psychologists and civil servants, appropriate prison cells can ameliorate the issue of people’s involvement in criminal activities. Looking to the above mentioned examples, it is an alarming time in the legitimacy of the United States law enforcement authorities.


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