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Critical Issue in Criminal Justice

Gun control refers to any policy or practice that aims at restricting or limiting the possession, importation, production or sale of firearms by private citizens. The topic of gun control has been a dilemma for many years. Proponents point out the dangers of gun ownership and opponents point to self-defense. Despite increasing gun injury and mortality rates, there still exists a societal divide whether tighter gun control is necessary. Academicians still disagree on the issue if there is a relationship between violence and availability of guns.

Solutions to gun control are about reducing the rates of gun violence rather than taking the guns away from the public. The first solution is the colorization of guns to a pinkish color. Research shows that pink color has an inverse relationship with violence. Pink color reduces the appeal for guns. Nobody wants people to see him or her brandishing a pink gun. Governments should also restrict the manufacture of toy guns. Children should not play with toy guns that resemble real ones (Gun Control). Modern manufacturers aim at getting profits not paying attention to the harmfulness of their goods.  

Insights and Final Thoughts

The fact remains that the availability of guns is responsible for a high number of crimes across the globe (James, 2010). If there is any hope of preserving innocent lives, gun rules should be tighter. Secondly, the number of lost lives because of gun violence is far much greater comparing to the lives that were saved by means of gun. The solutions are to restrict the manufacture of gun, make children, young people conscious about consequences of using the gun.  Government should improve the mechanisms of gun control in the coming years. Tighter and short-term controls are necessary before the solutions above take effect.


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