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The lemon law in Indiana State of the US is actually a consumer protection act enacted to protect consumers from being victimized as a result of business practices that are fraudulent. In a situation where the consumer feels that his/her rights have been abused, the law enables him/her to fight back and seek justice/compensation (Langbein, 2009). The consumers can also hire attorneys experienced in lemon law to defend them in the court of law in case they have any complaints. Cases in the Indiana State that involve application of lemon law relates to varieties of products such as cars, motorcycles, boats, computers and other consumer products.

The lemon law generally protects the rights and interests of consumers by making sure that they get the products that meet their quality and quantity expectations. Through the law, they can get cash refund for purchases made. The law has strictly made manufacturers and other business dealers to make products that meet customer expectations so that they may satisfy their needs (Langbein, 2009).

For instance, auto fraud appears to among key violations of lemon law in Indiana. It refers to hiding or disclosing incorrect information to a customer interested in making purchases from the automobile industry. There have been several cases where the dealers of automobiles have failed or deliberately misinterpreted the condition of the vehicles that they intend to sell to customers. Among such frauds in automobile dealership include odometer fraud where the dealer tampers with the odometer to show a different mileage so that the vehicle can be highly valued. Failure to disclose whether the vehicle was ever involved in an accident and eventually salvaged or wrecked is also considered an auto fraud.

The issue of 'executive driven' also arises in many automobile dealings and is considered an auto fraud if the dealer fails to disclose the full true history of the vehicle including ownership or possession. If the dealer engages in any of the mentioned actions when selling automobile products to customers, then he is considered to have committed an auto fraud and is liable to face associated consequences for violating the law. However, the consumers should also carry out proper investigations and evaluations of any products before making purchases to avoid being deceived by the dealers.


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