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The sexual offences Act 2003 was reinforced on the first of May 2004 with the main aim of strengthening and modernizing the law on sexual offenses, as well as working on improved preventive measures and the protection of individuals from sexual offenders.

In sharing her story with the media, Jill was sure of being affected both positively and negatively. This is because the media's information is in great position to influence public opinion and also possibly affect the results of criminal cases.Basically,media reports on rape can affect rape prosecution on various levels. For instance, the media can potentially influence whether a victim report rape to the police and whether legal officials from the police to jurors find the victim believable and the perpetrator culpable (Murthy, 2010).

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Jill might be impacted negatively, both socially and emotionally because rape assaults lead into long term effects and are mostly invisible. She is likely to have unpredictable and intense emotions, exaggareted startle responses, have bad memories, nightmares, self blame, flashbacks, difficulties in concentrating and hence resulting into low self-esteem which leads her to feel socially isolated (Harvey, 2010). Major Depressive Disorder is among the types of psychological reactions associated with rape and includes a depressed mood, sleeping difficulties, eating disorders, difficulty in concentration and decreased self esteem.

Advocacy group recommended for Jill to talk to and the type of support she could receive from them is known as the Rape Victim Advocacy Program. The program offers support and information to victims after the assault, and throughout the process of healing. The program involves rape crisis line which offers immediate emergency support, they have individual peer counseling who help in identifying issues, options, and resources on a short term basis. And they also have groups that the victims get a chance to share their experiences with each other in a safe environment, explore similarities with other victims, and learn and exercise new skills (Burgess, 2008).

The major strategy to be advocated for is to investigate and prosecute international crimes of sexual violences.This can be achieved by convicting perpetrators of sexual violence for rape as a war crime against humanity, or as an act of genocide or torture. The leaders who knew of such abuses and took no action to stop the people who committed the rape crimes should be held accountable.


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