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Privatization of prisons refers to the transfer of government control on corrective institutions to private owners. This could be institutions have adequate resources and labor to achieve the same corrective objectives as the government. Privatizations could happen due to the interests of the state. The government should be cautious while privatizing prisons to ensure that it would not result in inhumane treatment of prisoners. The United States of America is one of the countries that have been contemplating about prison privatization. Proponents assert that the government should go ahead and privatize prisons because it will cut down operating costs, Improve performance, and limit the scope of the government. These are vital points for consideration and implement the practice.

This essay explicates the on the benefits the US government would enjoy if it considered privatizing its prisons.

According to proponents, there would be reduced operating costs by the government. Prisons are part of the government departments, and this leads to allocation of whooping amounts of money to cater for their operations. This is the case where the government runs the prisons. Privatizations would mean that no costs are apportioned to the prison department by the government. In addition, the government would not incur costs relating to the employment of the prison staff, as this would be the responsibility of private owners. Blakely (2005) asserts that costs relating to maintenance will be saved in case if the prisons would be privatized. The government will allocate this funds to others sectors of the economy that could lead to massive economic growth hence creation of employment opportunities and improved living standards among the others citizens. The government would not incur costs relating to the upkeep of prisoners in the cells, as this would be relinquished to the private owners who promise to take full responsibility of these facilities. Moreover, the government would be able to save costs relating to investments in prisoner training and education. The prisoners would be trained and taught under the private owners who cater for all the other services. Privatization would ease the government the pressure of having to spend on corrective institutions.

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The US government would be able to cut down the scope of the entire government structure through prison privatization. A government structure refers to the division of the state government into various departments. Proponents assert that prisons form part of the government structure and; thus, stand to be counted into the government. Privatization would do the government a favor the government since the overall structures is reduced to a manageable level. Proponents for privatization further claim that the government would be able to run its affairs effectively due to the reduced burden. This will mean that the operations are simplified, and management made simpler. Blakely (2005) suggests that the government would be able to concentrate on other sectors such as production of goods and services, to cater for public consumption. Privatization would limit the complexity of the government procedures and one would not go through technical steps, to reach the prison main offices. Prisons would be open to everyone at all times services are to be rendered.

Proponents argue that privatization would lead to better performance in the prison sector. It is always believed that government owned sectors are poor performers. Prisons are no exception to poor performance if they were to be left under the control of the government. Privatization of prisons would be vital to ensure improved performance in the correction facilities. Proponents hold that better performance would be realized because prisons are to be more independent. There would be no room for compromising better service delivery in the private sector. In addition, individuals who are well trained and independent would manage prisons. Prisons put under private ownership are more thorough in their operations; they perform their duties with due care and intelligence. According to Blakely (2005), better performance would also be seen in terms of behavior transformation among prisoners. Prisoners will be trained in vocational courses and will be productive individuals in the community. Private owned prisons would bring into the society individuals with improved behavior due to their emphasis on corrective measures. This cannot be achieved under public owned prisons.

In my opinion, public prisons ought to be privatized. Privatization is the emerging trend in the entire society today. I am of the opinion that prisons should be privatized to promote the quality of facilities for better results. The government has too many issues to attend to and may not be able to concentrate on prison upgrading. In line with this, prisons should be privatized to improve their operation conditions and improve service delivery. In addition, the government should consider privatization to cut down on its expenditure and concentrate on other core economic development issues.

In conclusion, prison privatization is the transfer of prison management from the government to private owners. There have been various proposals and suggestions on the significance of privatization of prisons. Proponents hold that privatization would lead to better performance in the prison departments. This is because of independence that would have been achieved. In addition, they hold that privatization would help the government cut down on its operating costs. It would not apportion coats to this department. Privatization would reduce the scope of the government hence making it a simpler and manageable structure. Arguably, the US government should consider prison privatization.


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