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Free «Moral Issues and Law» Essay Sample

"There is no straightforward answer to the moral issues that pertain to prostitution”. Why do you think the text draws this conclusion?

Prostitution is a situation where one engages in sexual activity or activities, in exchange for money or any other form of payment. Parties or individuals of the same sex or parties of different sex can do this, however, over year most of the individuals who participate in prostitution are females with the male clients. This behavior or action is one of the oldest and universal. In addition, this is also universally condemned. In most of the countries, engagement in prostitution is a crime, and if one engages in such a behavior, he or she is healed liable. Despite this, to the clients, this is not the case as they go ahead to participate in this behavior though they are aware that it is an offence.

Prostitution cuts across all classes of life right from the poor individuals to the rich. This is because, the poor am much struggling to earn themselves an income; on the other hand; the rich are struggling to earn more from what they are currently earning. According to the various explanations, people enter into prostitution with various intentions. Some enter into prostitution temporarily while other enters into prostitution professionally. In some days, in the past, there were few opportunities open for women this was more if they did not get support from family. In addition, this was a concern in situations where such people had no one to employment places that could assist them to secure themselves a position.



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Those who engage in prostitution from a professional point of view are less compared with those who engage temporarily. This are the people who have economic argument for their actions. In some countries contribution, to the economic growth are from the prostitutes. Therefore, this means that the idea of totally eliminating prostitution might be impossible. In addition, those who engage in prostitution do not have a moral point of view to give their explanation. As a result, in governments where prostitution is illegal the corridors of justices may not be willing to listen to explanations given by the victims, for their action. This is because it is worth nothing that there exists no relevant answer to the moral issues pertaining to prostitution.

2. Why certain actions are classified to be crimes even when actions appear "victimless"? What is the motivation behind criminalization?

Morality is a human convention. This comes out from the decisions made to be morally upright. Therefore, an individual should not be forced to act in a certain way simply because the law demands. Due to the requirements of the law, individuals should be able to demonstrate morals that are acceptable in the society. In the real sense, there should be no victimless crimes. Most of the crimes that are termed as victimless include prostitution. This is because; in most cases, individuals who engage in prostitution try their best to explain their action. In addition, most of these victims engage in crime, in secrete. Therefore, it may be difficult to trace them and even issue an arrest warrant.

In most countries, the government aims at discouraging individuals from engaging in prostitution. This is so because; at times, some families force their children to engage in prostitution so that they can earn themselves a cheap source of livelihoods. This is where children are tough of the various seductive tactics that can be employed to attract a man. This act of engaging children in sexual seduction or prostitution is unacceptable by the law. This will lead to social touchier of the children and lead to wide spread of the well known HIIV/AIDS. As a result, the government aims at eliminating these social problems. In this case, it is worth nothing that the government aims at eliminating the sociological problems tat result when victims engage in prostitution.

Therefore, the motivation behind criminalization in cases of victimless crimes is to ensure that prostitution is entirely eliminated. In addition, it aims at ensuring that the society engages in moral behaviors. Despite the fact, that, in most cases it is difficult to find out the real persons who engage in prostitution, if an individual is identified, heavy fines or imprisonments are the results. Such fines levied on these individuals are used to advocate against the social crimes. For instance, they are used in public campaign against engagement in sexual behaviors. What motivating factor is that sometimes the individuals who engage in sexual behaviors are got committing the crime openly. As a result, they are taken in, and hearings begin where evidence are given to act as prove of the allegations. Once it is noted that the evidences are enough, the victims are either imprisoned, or required to pay heavy fines.

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3. Are there limits to Law?

In most cases, people who engage in prostitution are women and such always have clients who are men. This is because of perception in the larger world. As a result, under the civil law, it is believed that if a woman is subjected to prostitution, then she is being denied the humanity freedom. This is in accordance to the requirement of the United States of America’s civil law. According to the civil law, it is an offence to subject a woman to a degrading, inhuman, cruel, and torturing condition. This is considered to many nations, and this is guaranteed. It is believed that, in prostitution, women are subject to torture because they get involved in repeating rape in a way that is conveniently repeated. This means that women are subject to torture and brutal treatment. This happens when women are sold in exchange for sex. This means that the women humanity violated for the sack of money.

This means that women are being degraded and no respect to them. In other circumstances, such actions occur from a professional perspective. This is where most of the state actors seduce women who come to their organization in such for a job. This is common in situations where a woman visiting an organization in search for a job does not have a relative. Therefore, most of them who find themselves in such a situation have no option when they are in need of a job desperately. They may end up engaging themselves in such action so that they can secure themselves an employment opportunity.

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According to the civil law, this offense is punishable on individuals who request for such favors in exchange for employment. However, some women may not take an action for such requests, as they fear the possibility of losing available employment opportunity. In addition, based on the requirements of the law, it is necessary that supporting evidences be given to confirm that she was actually seduced. At times, there is no specific prove of this thus making it had for a woman in the situation to have justices prevailing. This shows that the law has limits that can lead them to be denied justices. This is because they can end up keeping the unfair act in their own minds, as they know that no action will be taken on the offenders. In some other cases, the offenders pay bribes so that an action is not taken against their illegal action. These are evidences that show the limits of the civil law on violation of the women rights.


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