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In the history the American national security has been put into the test. There have been several attacks on the American people and their property. This has made the American government to come up with policies that will ensure that American citizens, both in USA and those in other countries are safe. One of the major challenges to the American national security is attacks from terrorist from Islamic movements who feel that that the American foreign policy is not fair to the Islamic societies. The terrorist attack of September 11 2001 on the World Trade Centre is among some of the serious attacks on the USA territory that shock the whole world. Over 2645 people died and thousands of people were either directly or indirectly affected by the attack. This made the USA president by them, George Bush to declare war against terrorism in the USA and other countries. This was followed by a series attacks to the Islamic terrorist groups such as the al-Qaida and a lot of people linked to terrorism were arrested (Pillar, 2003).

There has been a heated debate about the policies used by the USA to fight terrorism in other parts of the world. Those in favor of the USA efforts to eradicate terrorism globally feel that other countries should support USA mission to fight terrorist even if it means invading countries that support terrorists. On the other, those against the USA fight against terrorism point out that USA has been discriminative in its fight against terror. They argue that USA terrorism war targets Muslims especially those from the Arab origin. This controversy has made USA to voluntarily decline to prosecute some of the people that were arrested after the World Trade Centre attack on September 11th 2001. However, the move by USA not prosecute some of these terrorists has both positive and negatives implication to the USA national security and foreign policies (University of Michigan, 2009).

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On the side of positive implications, the move by the USA not to prosecute terrorists who are believed to be responsible for September 11 2011 attacks at the World Trade Centre portrays change in the American war against terrorism. If USA does not prosecute these terrorists it will serve as a clear indication to the people from Asian continent and the Muslim society that indeed USA was not against a certain section of the society or region but terror. Failing to prosecute these terrorist by the USA government creates an opportunity for other countries to prosecute criminals of terrorism hence reduction the perception that war against terrorism is a war between USA and Asian Arab countries.

The ideology also eliminates the USA dominancy in the war against terror thereby encouraging participation by the other countries in the fight to eradicate terrorism. The move also reduces the likelihood of more attacks on the USA people by Islamic fighters who have shown strong commitment to revenge any more attack by the USA government that targets their members. This will consequently improve security in the region and acceptability of the USA foreign policies. The move by the USA not to prosecute terrorists behind the September 11 2001 bombing is a clear indication that USA is not on a revenge mission by establishing terror free society (Schmitt, 2010).

On the other hand, the move by the USA government not to prosecute these terrorists has negative implications too. First of all, it implies failure by the USA to fight terror by itself thereby giving in to the demands of terrorists indirectly. This move also implies that USA had not adequate evidence to arrest and prosecutes these individuals thereby confirming the allegations that the USA war against terror was indeed discriminative. The move can also imply that USA interest is not to fight terrorism but to carryout invasion on other countries in order to progress its foreign policies (University of Michigan, 2009).

Failure by the USA government to prosecute terrorists behind the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Centre sends a bad signal to the American people that their government is not in a position to protect them from terrorists’ attacks. The move implies that USA government is not only ready unable to satisfy the security demands of its citizens but also those of the international society. Although the move is welcome by the Islamic countries from Asia , that feel targeted by the USA government, other countries especially those from Europe are not happy with such decision and this could affect foreigners investment in the USA (University of Michigan, 2009). The idea might also reduce the commitment by other countries into fighting terrorism.


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