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A consensual act to which a party agrees with involving any other person is considered as a victimless crime. Victimless crimes have the highest rate in the prison population of America. They are committed most often and this commitment is highly related to the fact that the future criminals feel safer stepping in to this crime rather than a crime that affects third person. Mostly they involve prostitution, gambling and drug abuse. Those crimes can include even one person that is committing a low level crime: consumption and purchasing drugs and taking them as a medical treatment, use of pornography or prostitution. This term of crime is actually not used in jurisprudence, however, it should be considered as one of the most dangerous types of it, because the society if hugely affected by it. It affects the society in the most hidden and treacherous way. Each and every can be committing this crime, feeling safe by the fact that only limited amount of people is affected, and the crime will not be revealed.

Those crimes highly affect the society in serious cases like committing abortion or assisting someone in death. They are mainly committed by the most unprotected and vulnerable parts of community as youngsters and elderly people. The young people decide to take action in their life to change the direction to which it is going by having a baby. They agree with a doctor to assist them in abortion. This is a major crime and actually an act of murder. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the United States; it is considered legal in some exceptional cases. Unfortunately, even when serious punishment is enrolled in this issue, most of the young generation consider this as a victimless crime that can be committed and is a choice to be left for everyone.

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Assisted suicide is also considered as a victimless crime and is committed as often as the abortion. Elder and sick people do not see clearly in the future through the pain or loneliness they are experiencing. This way they are more likely to commit this crime and not be totally aware of his consequences. The commitment of this crime actually leaves one party without the punishment from the government, but nobody knows which punishment expects us for all we have done on the other side.

The crimes that actually do not hurt any third party are the more dangerous, considering the future of individual liberty. The adequate role of jurisprudence in the society should be upheld by the laws that would protect the person even from themselves. When a person does not understand the real effect of any crime, even the smallest one on the society in whole, this arises many problems and increases in the end the level of crime commitment. The community is build up on individuals; those individuals shape the social frame around them. If one or two of them agree on an illegal action, they will affect the society even on subconscious level. When a person is creating something that does not correspond with ethical, legal or social norms of behaviour, this affects its way of thinking. This person does not consider the action that it takes illegal. Why should it? The case is agreed, paid and both sides get something out of it.

When a person commits a victimless crime once and gets away with it, it is more likely to do it again and again, till one time this will be discovered. The main problem of those crimes is that they are conducted in the society all the time. These are the most often crimes committed on ourselves. They are widespread, because the legal system can’t track them so easily. Only by an accurate investigation and some hints from the backgrounds of the person can help in discovering them. They create a big problem for the morality of society. The morality is going down by just giving the possibility to a person of conducting a crime that no one will punish. A new legal system should create concrete boundaries for that kind of crimes, and a more strict investigation and control system should be implemented. This would help even in creating an aura of fear for those who are thinking of committing a victimless crime.

In the time when we become witnesses of low level victimless crimes as public drunkenness, vagrancy, obscenity and gambling, we do not try to diverse them, because we also are of the thought that as long they do not affect us we are free of any action. This is a real example of how the society treats that kind of crimes, by ignoring even their close existence. This is till it will affect one of the close ones, after that a person is highly motivated to prevent that kind of behavior that can lead one straight to committing that crime.


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