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1. ESRI product like ArcGIS, ArcView and ArcMap are used all over the world to improve mapping in many different ways. This products are really helpful in studies, but only to advanced users. ArcGIS is really helpful in law enforcement with providing to the majority the crime analysis mapping. Mostly it is helpful to the students of criminology or law, or just statistics. Looking through the sample chapters of ESRI products it obvious that it will take less effort to create any kind of electronic maps. Some customers even created the mapping of their live time.

2.In Daytona Beach Florida, a police officer was fired for demanding free coffee. The delinquency in such kind of way is outrageous but often seen on our daily basis. This is a clear illustration of antisocial behavior. However it is mainly considerate a problem of law enforcement rather then a problem of no gratuity to the authorities. It comes out from the roots of the education of human behavior. What should be expected from the youth witch brings alcohol and drugs to school, witch is feeling almost totally save because the adults will take all the responsibility on them self for their actions?

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The officers of justice are always on watch, trying to prevent a crime, therefore becoming the victim itself. The slippery slope on this is that when a police man is on duty and his death or an injury is considered as a work trauma and not a crime.

Children are growing up mostly under they peer pressure. Here from the self-control, abuse and aggression problems arise. Closing up inside all the problems lead to getting them out in a wrong unhealthy way on the society witch results in devastating behavior. The factors that are affecting the risk of crime include characteristics of school and classroom environments as well as individual-level, school-related experiences and attitudes, peer group experiences, and personal values, attitudes, and beliefs.

3.Therefore the four most important initiatives to prevent juvenile crime would be the one that affect community level, family level, school level and the individual/peer level.

The strategy of prevention juvenile crime based on community level mostly consists of building new skills developed on healthy relationships with society groups with could include some bands, church groups etc. Prevention on family level is concentrated on providing home visiting for new parents, as long as the children are infants or in really young age. School level is mainly attached to the school programs; including those to: reduce the risk of academic failure, truancy, and dropping out; increase academic motivation. Individual peer level concentrates on developing self control and not being affected by the peer pressure or any group formation.


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