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The US Constitution was initially established during the 18th century to address various issues that were prevalent at that time. Among those issues were the human rights of the Americans, which had been disrespected by colonial government, and the manner in which the country’s leadership had to be initiated. The Constitution left a room for further changes in accordance with the instilled guidelines to meet the dynamism of the American society as time went on. The Second Amendment was initially adopted as part of the Bill of Rights incorporated into the US Constitution. In the recent past, the Second Amendment had been highly controversial and a series of debates had been undertaken to establish its importance and relevance to current American society. Various people have expressed their views terming it as ideal while others criticizing its main emphasis of self defense.

Following the oppression by a professional army, the United States Founding Fathers were not in a position to institute a militia that was well regulated (as a prerequisite to a free states’ security). At the same time, they ensured the right of the people to be in possession of arms without infringement. On this basis Founding Fathers opted for an armed citizenry, which in their view amounted to the best ever army. General George Washington, therefore, fashioned the regulation in respect to a well-regulated militia, which was comprised of every man in the country who was deemed able-bodied. However, a controversy gets to be born in the Second Amendment, which holds the peculiarity of being the sole amendment to the bill of rights that fundamentally is unimplemented. Besides, the United States Supreme Court has hardly struck down a single piece of legislation on the grounds of the Second Amendment. Partly it was caused by disagreements between justices as to whether or not this particular amendment gears towards availing protection to the right to bear arms. The other reason was an individual right or as a constituent of a militia that was well-regulated. In addition, there were those who believed that the Second Amendment was focused on barring the federal action and not on municipal or state restraints.



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Notwithstanding the above arguments, the Second Amendment still holds its significance. Presently, to begin with, even the Supreme Court of the United States has come to the agreement that this amendment delivers protection to the rights of an individual to be in possession of a firearm. As well as before, it is connected with militia service and subsequently makes use of the weapon for purposes that are traditionally lawful. Examples of these traditional lawful purposes for the firearms include home self-defense. It is worth of noting that this right is not solely applicable to the federal government, but also applies to both municipalities and states.

Another important factor about the Second Amendment, as reasoned by the Supreme Court of the United States, is that it is a fundamental right to scheme nation of ordered liberty. This is basically so important when it is factored that self-defense is a primary right acknowledged by a majority of the legal systems from the ancient eras to the present times. It is on the grounds of individual self-defense that it (self-defense) is held as a central component of the Second Amendment. This amendment will also ensure that respect is accorded to the individual right of people to be armed. Moreover, since the population will be armed according to this amendment, security against invasion, crime and tyranny will be assured.

As it is written in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson stated that any government derives its powers from the consent of those governed. Fear is, therefore, born in the event that the convoluted plans to disarm the American nation come to realization since this will amount to American citizens being rendered defenseless against government autocracy. As claimed by some individuals, struggle against tyranny is an act of obedience to God. On the basis of this, the Second Amendment proves to be the most significant right that the Americans have since its absence. All other rights are far from being taken away with ease.

It is logical that those individuals carrying firearms ought to have a permit for the same. Moreover, on being issued with such a permit, various restrictions have to be instituted. Such individuals should not be allowed to public places such as bars, sport arenas and concerts since if they become intoxicated and start shooting aimlessly, the public houses are the ones to be held responsible. Firearms can be injurious, especially when some individuals do not make good use of them. A great percentage of individuals are more inclined to banning firearms and they present various reasons for it. On the contrary, most of these individuals have had misunderstandings of firearms, since in their view, such weapons kill people. What they actually do not know is that this is a misguided referral to the arms since the arms are not the ones causing death to others, but the users of the firearms. These people have been misusing the arms. However, the Second Amendment reinforces the good purpose of firearms in America. This qualifies this amendment to be a source of protection to the Americans.

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The Second Amendment avails judicious restrictions and, as well, molds the acknowledgement of the same amendment. As it is the case with the freedom of speech existent in the United States, an individual is not at liberty to utter whatever he/she wishes to or enflame violence without consequence. No one can fire in a public place or area and avoid responsibility. The Second Amendment is, therefore, significant as it is a prior restriction and cannot be compared to other prosecutions such as speech violations. Owing to the above reasons, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution ought to be embraced since its succumbing to the attacks directed at endangering the entire Constitution. This amendment is, therefore, of a great significance to the endurance of the freedom and the Americans ought to preserve their rights by protecting them.

The second Amendment of the US constitution is of noticeable importance for the wellbeing of all citizens despite the risks people are inclined to believe it may create. It emphasizes the establishment of well regulated militia by allowing all citizens to possess firearms. The amendment also gives a provision for citizens to execute the constitution rights of ousting any leader though to be dictatorial by the use of their arms to protect themselves as well as the society at large. For instance, it is thought that the country’s military is not always readily available to guard citizens at various parts of the country whenever insecurities occur. It could include the invasion of their territories by insurgents from neighboring countries such as Mexico with the aim of raiding them. Therefore, if the 2nd Amendment is adopted, all citizens would have the right to own firearms and, therefore, use them to protect their property. Additionally, some police officers are usually oppressive and use their powers to intimidate and deprive citizens of their rights to carry out their activities in a peaceful manner. If the bill is adopted, every society member will be able to honor other citizen’s human rights and the country will be more successful.

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The 2nd Amendment also gives citizens the power to prevent tyrannical governance. Possessing firearms would mean that leaders do not govern the county in an oppressive manner since the citizens would have the capacity to fight back. Societies where citizens are unarmed are more likely to submit to anything that the government demands. Therefore, the 2nd Amendment gives the opportunity for all citizens to protect their own country by ensuring that leaders act in accordance with the Constitution. It is usually part of the Bill of Rights and the constitution and would, thus, ensure that governments do not go beyond their powers by initiating other rules that require the citizens to be more submissive.

It makes possible for everyone to participate in law enforcement. If every American is given the right to own a firearm, it would be possible for them to ensure that all citizens abide by the law. There have been cases in various states where some small groups of unlawful militia have been involved in cases of theft and killings. These actions were terrifying for many families and the government seemed to be unable to stop their unconstitutional activities. If the 2nd Amendment is enforced, it would be impossible for these terror groups to attack communities at will. Possession of firearms would also make community policing easier, hence it will improve the security level of the country. Everyone would be liable to participate in law enforcement by only doing what is right as included in the Constitution.

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The current laws do not give rights for citizens to establish state militias. There was a stereotype that militias cannot engage in any constructive activities and would be opposing what the government wants its citizens to do. However, the 2nd Amendment makes it clear that state militias will be regulated and would only act in order to impart security in each state and ensure that the government is secure from any foreign invasions. The amendment is quite important since the government does not have to spend any of its funds as remunerations for them. Once they are provided with the firearms, the militias would only carry out the functions of law enforcements and security as civic duties. In addition, some Americans think that the country’s military have been busy fighting against the terrorist activities the country has for long been threatened with. Therefore, the 2nd Amendment gives the opportunity for citizens to provide internal security while the military deals with the border and international security matters.

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Despite its controversial nature, the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution is quite important to the American society. Most of the settlers in such states as Texas have had a number of insecurity issues for long through attacks by invaders. The police may not necessarily be available every time invasions occur. Therefore, the 2ndAmendment offers the opportunity for all citizens to be responsible for their own security through the possession of firearms. Moreover, the possession of firearms would ensure that the government is fully protected and also that everyone participates in law enforcement. It would also bring to an end all the cases of tyrannical governance since citizens will have the power to revolt


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