Free «Controversial Law addressing Rape Cases» Essay Sample

Shauna Prewitt is a rape victim who consequently becomes pregnant. She is determined to keep the baby, but the law does not permit her. The state law gives the rapists the parental right to father the child. The law discriminates against the victims of rape, which I consider unfair. At least, the law should provide some provisions to protect the victims’ decision after the act. If the victim decides to keep and bring up the child on her own, the rapist should have no parental rights. On the other hand, if the victim decides otherwise, the rapist should care for the child.

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The personal perspective of the author who is also a victim influences the story. For one, the author having studied law and became a lawyer, emphasize that rape is a crime. The law should not legitimize some rapes whereas de-legitimizing others because no medical test exists to show the victim was involved. The law has generalized the women victims who conceive after a rape. Statistics shows that about 30% of the victims become pregnant from the rapes (Shauna). In fact, this is a big percentage to generalize they facilitate the action. Similarly, it will be unfair for the victim who has decided to keep the child to be denied that right.

Personally, I oppose that kind of law, which judges the victim instead of the defendant. This can increase rape cases. The law cannot accept some rapes as legal, by simply classifying those that do not result to pregnancy with no scientific approval. The rapists should be fined heavily in order to minimize the occurrence. Additionally, the law does not provide provisions for women willing to keep their babies from rape. Some amendments are needed to address their grievances.

The only questions I would ask is how many women can accept to bring up children from rape. Will they forget the action when they keep the child? Anyway, people are different and make different decisions.

It is true that most of our societies do not want to change from what they have believed for a long time. Some beliefs are based on ignorance and will continue to hurt many victims. It is good to change with technology and conduct thorough research when making a law that will affect our society.


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